Is Cash App Available In Canada? (Info + Solutions!)

is cash app available in canada

Is Cash App available in Canada? Unfortunately, Cash App is not available in Canada unless you are living inside of the United Kingdom or the United States. You are not eligible to use Cash App if you’re in Canada. Cash App only lets you send and receive money in different countries. 

is csah app available in canada

When Cash App is used in the United States, you can only send and receive money through this app if both the parties are from the 50 states of the United States. In the year 2018, Cash App was launched in the United Kingdom. Even with both countries having access to Cash App, no transaction can happen between two countries using this app.

Even though you can’t use Cash App in Canada, there are people out there that have applied some tricks.

How To Use Cash App In Canada

how to use cash app in canada

Yes, you heard it right, you can now easily send/receive money through Cash App in Canada but unofficially. Now people staying in Canada use Cash App to transact, but it requires you to fake some details.

Since only residents of the US and the UK can only download it officially, you will have to download Cash App from app stores such as Aptoide, Malavida, and Uptodown among others.

TransferWise is another payment app that is supported in Canada, which you can link your Cash App account with to make or receive payments. 

  1. First and foremost, you should have a credit or debit card in Canada.
  2. Enable a VPN service, and rather than Canada set the location to the UK or the US.
  3. Now install Cash App from the app stores mentioned above and register it with your email.
  4. After signing up using an email, you will get a verification code that you have to copy in your Cash App and proceed further.
  5. After successful verification, you should skip the field that requests you to link a debit card and create a $cashtag.
  6. After selecting no card, the app will present a new form to add bank details.
  7. Copy the bank details that you have in TransferWise and now you can enjoy using Cash App even while in Canada.

I have provided all the detailed information on whether you can use the Cash App in Canada or not and also provided the way through which you can unofficially use the app even while in Canada.

You must note that officially, you can’t use the app in Canada. The Cash App debuted in 2015 in the United States and the UK in 2018. Hopefully, they might have their services soon in Canada as well.

This is just anticipation. There are various other apps that support payment such as TransferWise and FOOi. You can use these apps as they are quite similar to Cash App and are also supported.

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