why fake followers on instagram is good

Why Fake Followers On Instagram is GOOD! – (3 Case Studies)

Buy Instagram Likes And Followers: Why It’s Good For You

As an Instagram user for many years, there are tons of benefits to getting likes regardless if they’re real or not. You can achieve high in the rankings of the hashtag page or you can even get on the explore page with many Instagrammers taking more notice of your account. When you’re dealing with fake social media likes, you have to be cautious only because Instagram’s algorithm is getting stricter by the days. In this article today, I will be explaining to you the benefits and advantages of getting Instagram likes.

Social Proof Theory for Instagram Likes:

The more you have Instagram likes on your images, your image appears to be popular and appealing to your audiences. When your audiences see that others are interested in your posts, they’re more likely to follow you, comment on your image or trust you. Think of the “Social Proof Theory.” Psychologically, people want to blend in with the crowd which creates a herd effect. Several great examples that I can provide are:

  • Take a look at these two restaurants for example:

garlic and chives vietnamese foodsushi warriors japanese food

Which of the two restaurants are you more likely to go to if you were to browse on Yelp? Let’s say they have the serve the same types of food, you are more likely to trust the restaurant with the 1,400 reviews. Even if it’s not you but if you’re interviewing 100 hungry people, more are going to stick with “Garlic and Chives” because it’s more trustworthy and reputable.

  • When you’re going to a bar but can’t decide between the two. One of them is an empty bar and the other is a crowded bar. Even if it’s not you, people are more likely to enter the crowded bar scene because of the hype and reputation it’s showing to the new customers. Who doesn’t want to try a place that everyone’s talking about? Curiosity is magic and money for business owners.

World Record Egg Creator:

The same concept applies to Instagram. Think of the “World Record Egg” for a second. Everyone wanted to be part of its history for the most-liked image on Instagram. Because of social proof and the herd effect, it worked.

What Happened After The “World Record Egg” Became Viral?

Because of the success in the “World Record Egg” campaign, the account is now valued at over $100,000+. It became a viral sensation overnight. Before the egg became popular, the creator was creating inorganic likes and comments which lead it to the front page. That started a herd effect and everyone suddenly wanted to be a part of this history. Whether you can gain inorganic likes or real user likes, you can slowly gain traction out of it and how people react to certain things will determine how far it goes. You can gain engagements, leads, new customers, etc. It was also sponsored by many celebrities. It’s insane to think about how life can change for a person behind the profile of an egg.

world record egg creator

How Does Instagram Ranking Social Media?

When you first post an image on social media, you have the option to add hashtags. There are different types of hashtags. Instagram has an AI that can detect what you post, so you will have to post content related to those certain hashtags. Think of face recognition. Their AI works the same way. There are thousands of different hashtags with different competitions so thoroughly do your hashtag research to discover the right ones.

When you get likes at the beginning of your post, you will become Instagram’s “favorite.” They will rank you higher than your competitor in those certain hashtags that you chose. But it can also be competitive because of your competitors having the same goal. This works in a similar way to SEO for Google rankings. They both have their own unique algorithm to rank you base on how people react to your post.

instagram hashtags

The Advantages of Instagram Likes:

  • It’s definitely a quick way to enliven the professed ability of your business’ or personal social media account. With the right traction going on, you can immediately start from a few followers to a few hundred and from little reach to higher reach. Especially for a large social media platform nowadays, many businesses use Instagram for lead generation, advertising, etc.
  • Your social credibility improves by a lot. People will trust your brand more. Your business will appear more famous to the audiences which will lead to people taking you more seriously helping you bind the position right away.
  • When you’re running internet marketing campaigns or advertising campaigns, your ads will appear more trustworthy and reputable. Clients are likely to think twice because of the trust that your ad is providing.
  • One of the greatest thing about social proof is that it can also help you gain more organic followers because you appear to be popular and trustworthy.

the office dwight meme

Enjoy this meme of Dwight from “The Office!”

Results Aren’t Immediate! Learn the Results of an Experiment:

When you’re having high engagements and followers, it’s really important for the betterment of your business. Building an organic audience takes time, and that is what most business people don’t have. While some are patient, many want results instantly. That’s the reason why today, there are online services that sell social media followers, likes, views, and any time of engagements.

It doesn’t matter how excellent your business strategy is or how precise your propositions are, there is no guarantee for you to become a celebrity or into achieving financial success. If you want to reach that desired position, it requires experience and insight that can help you reach your goal in that time frame.

Instagram’s Update:

Instagram is getting stricter every day with their algorithmic updates. While it might be easy to add inorganic followers or likes to your account now, their algorithm will soon be able to track it. They’re already taking it to the next step removing followers from bot users for Instagram. It’s a dangerous and risky game can cause you to get a ban or maybe a shadowban. When you’re planning on going towards the unethical method route, remember that there are tons of risks. Your account will look highly suspicious and could most likely be tracked by Instagram’s algorithm.

Remember to do it with caution. I would recommend to post unique content and do your hashtag research.



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