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The Marketing World & @world_record_egg

Marketing strategies are never consistent in the marketing world, and it will always change as per the situations and conditions. However, it could be a statement that you might have heard several times before, but it is a true statement. That is why for any businessmen marketing strategy is one of the major aspects of their business. The business will grow just by reaching a large number of people through the internet on daily basis. In fact, marketing is an amazing tool that allows business to become and grow more popular. But, the key question is what the future of marketing look is like? For instance, if you go into marketing history in the fashion industry, and then leap ahead to see the possible effect that an inert object has done on the marketing field.

One of the best developments in the marketing world was the conception of social media marketing. The popular social media networks, including Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook allow businesses to promote their services and products using the platforms. Through this media, many brands and businesses easily post their products that reach a large range of people who could probably buy the products. Also, social media marketing reformed the marketing field as it allowed using the celebrity influencers.

Companies and brands understood the strategy that the celebrities can promote their products well so that they started reaching out to influencers believing that their business will grow and get successful. That is what the Nasasesason fashion company established by Alexandre Daillance did and the company tasted the huge success by using the celebrity influencers like Wiz Kalifa, Rihanna, and Tyga. The owner Alexandre Daillance used Instagram to join with stars in the music industry that allowed the company to transform from a small brand to a gigantic organization, which easily discarded bulk orders from Urban Outfitters. This one example signifies the amazing power of social media marketing and the way it has prejudiced many industries like the fashion industry. It is an easy and simple tool to use and it provides amazingly high rewards, and that is why everyone likes it.

Currently, many brands are using social media marketing tool to promote their products. So, now it is not anymore an exclusive marketing strategy as it once used to be. However, exclusiveness has been revealed in the monarchy of social media marketing using a single inert object like an egg. The Instagram account world_record_egg started a mission recently to obtain the most popular post on Instagram.

The record time held by Kylie Jenner was 18million, but, now the egg has more than 40 million likes, the account was also confirmed on Instagram and the post got more than 8 million followers. It may sound obscene, but this egg has a large marketing strategy that could drastically change the prospect of marketing. As per the Keemstar, who was behind the DramaAlert a Youtube-based news desk, the world_record_egg account is run by a 21-year old Supreme Patty with 6.2million followers on Instagram. The strategy allowed him to reach a large number of younger generations, and also he has huge popularity among the Gen Z users of the internet.


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