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CashApp Sign Up: How You Can Make Money From It!

CashApp Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial):

CashApp Sign Up: Are you financially struggling or short on cash? Maybe you’re not struggling but just want extra beer money or buy yourself a cup of coffee?

Today on MySocialGod, I will show you one of the methods that could be used to help you make the extra change using the CashApp referral program as a side hustle. It can be a serious income for some people but it’s all up to you on how you want to utilize this tool.

With this phone application, also known CashApp also known as SquareCash, you can easily make your beer money & instantly withdraw it to your bank to spend! You can check out the CashApp website for more information on this company. Don’t register just yet if you want that $5 bonus from me!

CashApp Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial) Download the App:

First and foremost, you will need to download the phone app.

Search for CashApp on the App Store or Google Play and download the app.

It’s available for both the iPhone and Android!

What information do you need when you’re signing up for CashApp?

  1. Phone Number (a number that you have access to so that you can verify)
  2. Use Real Name (In case they ever ask you to verify your account using your ID)
  3. Debit Card or Bank Account To Link to App

Don’t register yet if you want a bonus $5 from me below because if you register without a referral, you won’t receive the reward!

How to Get Your $5 Bonus from CashApp Referral?:

You can choose to register without my referral and skip this step, but you won’t get the CashApp referral bonus unless you register it under a person’s referral link. If you register with my referral, you will receive $5 and I will receive $5 after your first transaction. If you send an amount to a person and they send it back to you, you can still qualify to get that easy $5 from CashApp.

CashApp Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial) How Do I Utilize This?:

Awesome! Now that you received your $5 for signing up under my name, or you didn’t but moved on to this step, here’s what you can do:

Method Idea 1: If you’re a sociable person and love meeting people, you can usually bring up a discussion about how easy it is to make $5. Who doesn’t want to make $5  that will take a few minutes of their time? Everyone gets money! Going to a party? Give your new pals your referral code and you can get drunk and earn a few extra bucks or maybe more!

You have a local business and your customer has no cash? Introduce them to CashApp and give them your referral code.

I remember reading a story online about how a college student made thousands in a month from just referring to college students. You can too. You can start a YouTube channel and promote your code, you can start a blog like me too!

CashApp Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial) Invest in Cryptocurrency:

CashApp is a pretty simple way to get that fast extra change, but there are many other referral programs out there that you can utilize as well. If you’re an investor or want to invest, you can link your debit card to purchase Bitcoin which is $7,733 at the time of writing this post.

CashApp Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial) Your Own CashApp “Credit Card”:

So how do you order a CashApp card? As a long term user for CashApp, I now have my own CashApp “credit card.” You can order it through the app for free and create your own unique signature on it. You will be asked to create your own 4-digit pin code and shipping usually takes several weeks.

CashApp Fees:

When you’re transferring your money from CashApp to your bank, you can choose to wait a few days with no fees or you can choose to withdraw instantly to your bank at  1% fee.

CashApp ATM and CashApp Cash Out:

Once you receive your CashApp card, you can simply go to a nearby bank and withdraw your cash.

CashApp withdrawal fees are free. Charges on withdrawals depending on the operator.

Is There a Square Cash Toll-Free Number?

Unfortunately, there is no Square Cash toll-free number. If you’re registered with CashApp, you can head to their support on the app or website. This is how you can reach the CashApp team.

If you want to reach them by mail, their address is:

Cash App
1455 Market Street Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94103

If you love money making methods like this one, I have a way you can make money with Fortnite.

This will be one of the methods I am sharing with you today. If you encounter and CashApp problems, feel free to ask away.  Feel free to leave your referral code in the comment section, give this blog a share, and subscribe for more valuable information.

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AceD Cryptocurrency: How You Can Benefit From It?

AceD Cryptocurrency Introduction:

The bear market that happened within the last few years has been a ghost town but until recently, the bulls are coming in. During the bear market, many projects born and many died. As more people are now familiar with the crypto market, many lost interests due to high suspicion and the majority of the projects’ unethical past. Today, more people are watching the market and it’s starting to become more exciting for us investors. We’ve all had our moments in 2017 (if you were there). We’ve all experienced a rollercoaster of emotions.

The Bull And Bear of 2017-2018

I’ve browsed through many projects back in 2018 after the peak from December 2017 to see which projects are up to my standards. I was scrolling through every coin, searching their website, joining their groups, and doing Google research on almost every project. I wanted something special and I wanted to be the first. I decided to browse for high quality and low market cap currency. I stumbled upon AceD Cryptocurrency. This project truly caught my eyes and I have been following this currency for a year now. This cryptocurrency could be the bus of opportunity that’ll take us to the rocket that’s launching towards the moon.

What Impresses Me?

Unlike any other piece of work out there, what truly impressed or should I say “thrilling,” is the amount of effort the team is putting in. Not only just the team, but there’s a lot of community effort. I keep up every day on AceD’s Discord group that has over 10,000+ community members. My word might not mean anything to you but in my eyes, this is an outstanding community. The difference between this project and many others’ that are in the low market cap range, is that the team continues to support and keep moving forward with each other even when there were tons of hopelessness in investors during the bear market. Now that the bulls are starting to enter, we will see what this currency can do for the world. With strong beliefs and constant support, I believe that AceD’s future will shine.

The Conversation And Inspiration:

I had the privilege of conversating with the lead of this project, Max. I’m the type that would do in-depth research about the project and the creator’s goal and vision for their projects. Investing in a terrible project in the past as a new investor made me become suspicious in every project. Anyway, as for Max, this individual who I see as a leader has a dynamic passion for the future and betterment of this special project. Aside from Max, the team is always there answering questions and helping one another. I’ve joined many group chats in the past for other projects, but the experience that I had aren’t the same compared to the AceD community. I’m not saying every project is downright bad but I’m saying this community has been great to me in many ways.

Being Suspicious, I Learned.

My first impression when I met the team and community, I was sold because I browsed through their history of messages. I saw how the community and team members help one another. My interest in this project increased as the days go by with such many features in store for this project.

I mean even their logo is pretty damn solid!  Check out their awesome channel and designs!

The AceD team made the greatest announcement in the history of AceD on May 23rd, 2018. If you don’t think this is exciting news, I don’t know what is. I’m giving you a warning in advance because there are many features that are coming soon and I just… can’t… wait…

You Nailed It!

Whoever the graphic designer is, mad props to him/her! This person nailed it and did an excellent job. I sure need a logo designer for my website.

AceD offers you:

  • Global Coverage – Via the world wide web,
    AceD is available across the globe
    and can be used from
    the comfort of your home.
  • POS Masternodes – Be rewarded for staking
    in your wallet, or earn income
    with a masternode. I’m currently staking and it’s going well.
  • High Liquidity – Currently available on CoinExchange.io, CryptoBridge.org, & HotDex.eu with plans to expand to many more.

As you can see, their goal was to create a dashboard feature. -crosses off checklist- 

When you take a look at their dashboard, there are many breathtaking features already added! Respect for the hard work from coding. For a small project that’s growing every day, the number of usages for this currency shows how much the team has accomplished in almost a year. They already are creating a product before marketing whereas, most currencies market before having their products.  I also appreciate the fact that they added night mode because I strain my eyes almost every night staring and observing the market.

Now if you look at the categories on their dashboard, they have the information and stats of the blockchain of certain currencies. You can view the stats of Bitcoin, Dash, AceD, and many more!

Below, I will give you an overview of the eight categories for below. I hope you can handle the excitement that I’m about to provide for you.

The Eight Categories:

Dashboard: In this category, you can view the stats of at least 15 cryptocurrencies. If you’re a masternode holder, you can view the return on investment of a certain masternode. If you like passive income, you will love masternodes. If you take a look at AceD, their return on investment is 125% yearly! With a cryptocurrency project that has a growing community, constantly being enhanced, a talented team and now provide masternode for holders with 10,000 AceD? Sign me up!

New Listings: For this category, you can view the listings of coins using the AceD dashboard. The more listings, the more growth, and recognition for this beloved project!

Monitoring: Once you click on this section of the category, you can monitor your masternode after you enter your seed number. You can view the stats of that current masternode. AceD mentioned on their website,

“AceD Dashboard is a masternode coin monitoring and stats service. AceD does not research or recommend any coin. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.
ROI changes often and is not the most important factor. Invest at your own risk! Also never give out your seed key. Thank you” 

After clicking on this category, it shows that you can monitor your masternode by entering your seed number. Here, you can check your stats of your masternode. Below the search bar, AceD mentioned, “AceD Dashboard is a masternode coin monitoring and stats service. AceD does not research or recommend any coin. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.
ROI changes often and is not the most important factor. Invest at your own risk! Also never give out your seed key. Thank you” 

Store: At first, I thought this was a store where users can purchase merchandise. It turns out that this is more of a store for advertisers. If you’re interested in advertising your products or need coin listing, then this is the tab for you.

Thanks, MrCryptoCash!

Lucky you, I’m an active member of the community. They do have products available. On one of their announcements, they mentioned AceD’s Shop by user MrCryptoCash. At first glance, I’m not going to lie but there are some pretty amazing products on there! This store does not belong to me nor do I have any rights to it. His products are truly special to the AceD community and I recommend taking a peek at his products.

AceD Gaming: As I’m typing this blog, I get goosebumps every time when I hear AceD Gaming. As a kid growing up, gaming has always been a special place in my heart. The games that are or will be provided by AceD cryptocurrency are Blackjack, Air Hockey, Scratchers. For the gambling games, please gamble at your own risk because it can be quite dangerous if you have an addictive personality.

The team also announced future games like Chess, Billiards (I can’t wait), Table Tennis, and Racing. The developers of AceD released sneak peek images of AceD Car Chasing game and I can’t wait for that. They are truly working hard behind the scene and I can’t wait for what’s in store to come.

AceD Streaming: While they don’t have anything available at the current moment, there’s a goal out there; a goal to have a streaming platform for users worldwide. I love watching streamers on Twitch during my dinner and I can’t wait for the release of AceD Streaming. They have progressed every day for a year already in development, let’s see what will happen in two years.

Exchanges: These are the current exchanges that support AceD: Currently available on CoinExchange.io, CryptoBridge.org, & HotDex.eu

FAQ: These are common questions regarding AceD. Check out their FAQ


Games? Say No More…

As explained above from earlier, the gaming platform is definitely something I’m looking forward to! I’m extremely thrilled!

Current Games on AceD: BlackJack, Air Hockey, Scratchers

Games Coming Soon: Chess,  Billiards, Table Tennis, Race

Current Games in the Process of Development: Car Race in Development By @crypto-kays

If you check out the video below, there’s a tutorial on the official channel on how to play games using the gaming hub:

While this has been a work in progress and development, the team is currently focusing on one thing at a time. The excitement I have for this platform is difficult to put into words especially for a fan of many games myself. One day, I can stream and play games with the fellow community.

Another Snapchat? Or…

My first impression of AceD snap was Snapchat. I actually wrote an article on Snapchat recently. Well, this service works differently. You can tip users with AceD for their images.

Hold on, let me grab my camera and maybe a beer!

This service would be appreciated especially when most of the investors are from different parts of the world, it would be nice to see their culture and what it’s like.

For a guy that lives by the beach, I’ll sure be uploading tons of images.

I’m not very experienced at poker but the excitement of different games being available can’t be put into words. Like I said above. If you love poker, you should check out their poker website.

For a guy that’s currently typing a 2,000-word blog, I’m overwhelmed from typing about their success. Their success in development is definitely worth more than a 2,000-word article so you have to go take a look for yourself to see what I mean.

Masternode holders will also get a percentage of all the profits from AceD Poker! There’s another reason why you should become a holder. I’m a holder myself, so join me, padawan.

For more technical information, here’s an image with all the technical details on AceD. You can see the team is working hard. When I had my first masternode up, I was gaining at least 28-42 AceD per day from each masternode. You can get up to 1,000 to 1,200 AceD per month from each masternode. That’s over 12,000 per year.

The Roadmap

When you’re an early investor, you have a great advantage. You get to invest at an affordable value. Take a quick peek at their roadmap. Are you excited to see the progress in developments by the end of this year?

The new whitepaper and roadmap are currently being rewritten by the team and will be posted soon.

Below are video reviews of AceD from respectable members of the community:

CryptoTube 1,000 Subscribers

Alexandrus 39,000 Subscribers (not English)

SelfSage 1,300 Subscribers

Crypto Shark 19,000 Subscribers (not English)

Whether you choose to invest in AceD cryptocurrency or not all depends on you. This is my personal opinion, not financial advice. All credits and rights on this blog go to where it’s due.

All links and source to AceD cryptocurrency can be found here:


AceD Apps: AceD Dashboard

AceD Gaming Hub

:AcedStreaming2::AceDAce: (Gateway to all your AceD gaming) AceD Exchanges:




Bitcoin Talk

Official Website

Social Media: Twitter







AceD Wallets


Fortnite Affiliate Program (Money-Making Case Study) $8,000 in Less Than 3 Months!

A Person I Know Made $8,000 within 3 months from Fortnite Affiliate

About several months ago on a Fortnite affiliate program, an internet marketer I know made $8,000+ within a span of three months from Fortnite affiliate. I wonder to myself, “how does a person make that much money from a gaming niche?”  After reading his post, I decided to test his method with a little knowledge and twist.

Save The World Dragon GIF by PlayStation - Find & Share on GIPHY

I believe that this method is applicable to people in the US only. Maybe you could figure a way around it by changing the VPN?

Below are the requirements for this method and also where you need to go to get an EpicGames creator account:


1. Instagram Account With Around 1,000+ Followers

2. Money to Invest But Spend at Your Own Risk

3. A Vendor for Instagram Mentions

4. An EPIC Support-a-creator Account: You Can Sign Up Here

– Payment methods from EpicGames: PayPal or Bank from the US

– If you want to withdraw from your balance, you are required to be able to fill out a tax form.

(Before getting approve to Epic Games creator account, you need to have a page of a large “audience.” What I mean by that is that Epic Support will ask you for a large-looking account to see if you will qualify to become an affiliate marketer or not.

What I did was create an Instagram page and sent 10,000 followers to it from a vendor. You have to find a reliable seller online.

If you are interested, you can contact me via email or Skype: andylam220 or [email protected] where I can provide 10,000 followers for you at $3 per 1,000.

Make sure that you’re able to log in to your account and that it’s not just any random account because they will send you a code via email to put in your bio. This way, it will provide evidence that you own the account. If you have accounts with high followings from other platforms such as (Facebook, Twitter, etc – You can use that too. The process usually takes a day. Once you are approved, you can use any account for this method)

This process can usually take from six hours to a few days.

After you have all of the requirements, let’s move on to the next step I took to get results:

1. Create an Instagram account that is niche related to Fortnite. I would make the bio look professional like “Daily Fortnite Content.”  For me, when I was testing the method, I had only one post. But the less suspicious the account looks, the better and trusting your account will appear.

2. Create an image with a v-bucks gift card giveaway (that’s what I did exactly but you can add your own twist to see what will convert). In the description, I put exactly

“Once you complete the three steps, check your DM in one hour for your free gift-card code.” They usually end up forgetting.

The 3 steps I put in the description: 1. Go to “Support-a-creator in the item shop and put [YOUR EPIC CREATOR NAME].” 2. Tag 3 Friends (to maximize profit) 3. Like this Image (to maximize profit)

3. Now, look for a reliable vendor that supplies you with Instagram mentions/DMs. What I did was I targeted the followers of the @fortnite account. Or look for an account with high engagement rates, you will get a higher response rate. Enjoy! :)

Now from my case study, for every 1,000 tagged – I would get 4-5 people that will put my name on their Support-a-Creator. I took the amount of how much other creators make and divide it by the number of supporters they have. It turns out that on average, each supporter equals approximately $1.20. If you have 100 supporters, you will average ~$120.

If I spend $2 on 1,000 mentions, I will have 4-5 new supporters.
4-5 supporters = ~$4 to $6. Same applies to DM.

$200 = 100,000 mentions = 400-500 new supporters
400-500 supporters = $400 to $600 (now don’t spend what you don’t have. Please experiment this method at your own risk)




Of course, there are other tools out there you can use such as Instagram automation but I found mentioning users thousands at a time was the quickest process. I only stopped because the first payout usually takes two months and I didn’t have the patience for it at the time.  Be warned that Instagram bots are currently at risks and you will be hit with this warning.

(Also when a person put your name in as a creator, you will have to wait at least a week for results to appear on the stats) Their chart update is REALLY slow. I asked my sister to put my name as a creator on her account for testing and it took approximately a week and a half to show up. 

If you’re really into (Fortnite) affiliate marketing, then this method is a similar process! You have to twist it yourself and find what method can generate the most income!

$1 PayPal
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$5 PayPal
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$10 PayPal
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Get your chance to win a price!
Enter your email address and spin the wheel. This is your chance to win amazing discounts!
Our in-house rules:
  • One game per user
  • Cheaters will be disqualified.