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Cash App Sign Up: How You Can Make Money From It!

Cash App Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial):

Cash App Sign Up: Are you financially struggling, short on cash, and in search of free Cash App money? Maybe you’re not struggling but just want extra beer money or buy yourself a cup of coffee? There’s a simple method that I’m about to show you how you can get that extra chump of change or even more!

Today on MySocialGod, I will show you one of the methods that could be used to help you make the extra change using the Cash App referral program as a side hustle.

It can be a serious income for some people but it’s all up to you on how you want to utilize this tool. (or you can check out 200+ ways to make money online!) That’s if you want more money-making methods!

Direct Cash App $5 Bonus Link:

These money-making online methods include:

Now let’s get back on track on how you can make money with Cash App sign-up.

With this phone application, known Cash App or Square Cash, you can easily earn your beer money and instantly withdraw it to your bank to spend! It’s quite simple and easy! You can check out the Cash App website for more information on this company.

Don’t register just yet if you want that $5 bonus from me! It will be an easy $5, trust me. What can you do with that extra $5, you asked?

  • Buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks
  • Invest in a website
  • Use that $5 on your Cash App and invest in cryptocurrencies or stocks

I’ve browsed and read tons of forums for ways to make money online and I have to admit, CashApp is one of the few platforms that would allow you to withdraw the quickest if you need your referral money here and now! It’s instant with minor fees!

What is Cash App?

Before we get started, I would like to explain to you what Cash App (Sign up bonus soon) really is. If you already know what Cash App is, feel free to skip this section of the article. 

Have you ever eaten out at a restaurant only to find out that you’ve forgotten your wallet? Or maybe the restaurant you’re dining at doesn’t accept card payments? You’re sitting across from your friend embarrassed because you’re not sure how you can split the bill?

Cash App can save you in various ways!

  • You can pay your friend back by sending money via Cash App! With such exponential growth, there’s no way that friend of yours doesn’t have an account. If he/she doesn’t have an account, you can take advantage of that referral program.

Like Venmo and Paypal, Cash App is a money sending app that’s simple, growing, and used by more and more phone users every day. You can send money at ease to your friends and family or pay someone back! It’s simple as that!

If you didn’t know, Cash App is developed by Square, Inc. Square introduced Square Cash also known as CashApp in 2015. It has been widely used in America and is more and more people are learning about it every day.

Who is the CEO of Cash App?

If you didn’t know, Jack Dorsey is the CEO of Cash App. He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. One of the fun facts about Dorsey is that he used to work as a fashion model when he was younger. If you also didn’t know, he’s also the co-founder of Twitter. How much more successful can Dorsey be?

220px Jack Dorsey 2014
Jack Dorsey- November 19, 1976

Are you still feeling unsure or don’t know whether you should use Cash App or not?

Here’s a video review from ABC News about Cash App! As shown in the video, the process is much more simple than you think!

Ready to start earning money?

Let’s jump into the next section of the article! Let’s get you started on your Cash App account creation.

Cash App Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial) Download the App:

1. First and foremost, you will need to download the phone app.

2. Search for Cash App on the App Store or Google Play and download the app. I’m using an iPhone and on the App Store, there’s over 300,000+ positive ratings. What are you waiting for?

3. It’s available for both the iPhone and Android!

What information do you need when you’re signing up for CashApp?

  1. Phone Number (a number that you have access to so that you can verify)
  2. Use Real Name (In case they ever ask you to verify your account using your ID)
  3. Debit Card or Bank Account (to link to the phone app)

Don’t register yet if you want a bonus of $5 from me below because if you register without a referral, you won’t receive the reward!

How to Get Your $5 Bonus from Cash App Referral?:

How to get free money on Cash App, you ask? You can choose to register without my referral and skip this step, but you won’t get the Cash App referral bonus unless you register it under a person’s referral link. If you register with my referral, you will receive $5 and I will receive $5 after your first transaction. If you send an amount ($5) to a person and they send it back to you, you can still qualify to get that easy $5 from CashApp.

OR you can enter my code manually:

Don’t have anyone to send it to receive your bonus?

You can send $5 to $mysocialgod with your Cash App account and I will send it back to you in less than 24 hours. Your bonus should arrive in your account instantly!

Free Cash App Money (Money Making Tutorial) How Do I Utilize This?:

Awesome! Now that you received your $5 for signing up under my name, or you didn’t but moved on to this step, here’s what you can do:

  • Promote your referral through socializing – If you’re a sociable person and love meeting people, you can usually bring up a discussion about how easy it is to make $5. Who doesn’t want to make $5  that will take a few minutes of their time? Everyone gets money! Going to a party? Give your new pals your referral code and you can get drunk and earn a few extra bucks or maybe more!
  • Start a blog – There are hundreds of users online writing articles in hopes of achieving organic traffic. If you’ve found this article through the search engine, you’re an organic traffic! By doing this and writing informative articles, people without Cash App accounts will likely register under your referral code. I hope you’re supporting me in the same way. 🙂
  • Promote on your App Store or Google Playstore account – Whether you complete your Cash App sign up or not, there are hundreds of people promoting their Cash App referral codes on their app reviews. I’m not sure how, but one review was featured at the top and you can imagine how much that person is racking in through referrals!
  • Paid advertising on social media – There are many advertising platforms like Google and Facebook. If you know who you’re targeting, you should be making bank. This is risky due to the fact that you’re spending money and it’s no guarantee that you’ll have a better ROI. If you have the proper knowledge, by all means, take that risk.

You have a local business and your customer has no cash? Introduce them to CashApp and give them your referral code. This is free Cash App money, so take advantage of it.

I remember reading a story online about how a college student made thousands in a month from just referring to college students. You can too. You can start a YouTube channel and promote your code, you can start a blog like me too!

Can You Have 2 Cash App Accounts?

If you’re running a business and want a separate account from your personal, you can create multiple accounts for Cash App. For example, I’m using $mysocialgod as my CashApp handle but I also have a personal one.

Keep in mind that you can only have one bank linked per Cash App account.

Does Cash App Charge a Fee?

If you have a balance on your Cash App already, you can send money without fees. If you want to withdraw payments to your bank account, there are 0 fees when you choose to wait a few business days. When you received your first payment or have money on your CashApp, you can cash out with 2 options:

  • Standard: Cashing out with standard usually takes around 3 business days. (Monday-Friday) There are 0 fees when you choose this option.
  • Instant: In case of an emergency and you need your money immediately, you can choose the instant option. When you cash out with instant, the fee will be 1.5% of the amount you’re cashing out. Not too bad if you ask me.

CashApp Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial) Invest in Cryptocurrency:

Cash App is a pretty simple way to get that fast extra change, but there are many other referral programs out there that you can utilize as well. If you’re an investor or want to invest, you can link your debit card to purchase Bitcoin which is $7,733 at the time of writing this post.

If you’re from the US, many people would recommend Coinbase or Cash App to purchase your first Bitcoin. Please invest at your own risk.

Investing in Cash App Stocks!

By the end of October 2019, Cash App added a new feature in which they now allow users to purchase and sell stocks without any extra charge! We all know, as a daytrader, the fees can add up.

The app allows its users to buy a fraction of value stocks. Instead of buying one whole share, you can purchase as low as $1 of a fraction of these stocks.

This is what they mentioned on their website related to this new feature:

cash app stocks

It’s a slide show that starts with:

“Investing. It sounds hard, but it’s a relatively simple concept that helps people go to college, retire, or build a nest egg’

The company made an announcement on their Twitter:

cash app stocks

Cash App Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial) Your Own CashApp “Credit Card”:

So how do you order a Cash App card? As a long term user for Cash App, I now have my own CashApp “credit card.” You can order it through the app for free and create your own unique signature on it. You will be asked to create your own 4-digit pin code and shipping usually takes several weeks.

Cash App Fees:

When you’re transferring your money from CashApp to your bank, you can choose to wait a few days with no fees or you can choose to withdraw instantly to your bank at a 1% fee.

Cash App ATM and Cash App Cash Out:

Once you receive your CashApp card, you can simply go to a nearby bank and withdraw your cash. Cash App withdrawal fees are free. Charges on withdrawals depending on the operator.


Cash App Sign Up: What’s The Instagram Community View on Cash App? 

As you can see from the image posted below, Cash App has over 1 million followers! That’s insane to think about knowing the fact that they’ve been a smaller company several years ago.

cashapp sign up
CashApp Sign Up: Instagram Followers

You will notice in the comment section for CashApp Instagram, there are many scammers and people begging for money so be cautious. Here’s what Instagram users think of this Cash App company as well as a couple of funny comments:

Funny CashApp Instagram Comments

With the released of CashApp stock, several users hilariously commented

“Can you guys invest in me?”

“That’s how I cop my Bitcoin.”‘

Positive CashApp Instagram Comments

“I got $1 for somebody who’s grateful. It’s all I can give.”


“I prefer this over Venmo any day!”

Cash App Vs Venmo Comparison Chart

Cash App vs Venmo Article Cash App Venmo    
Google Play Store Available Available
App Store Available Available
Free Download Yes Yes
Can You Buy Bitcoin? Yes No
Can You Buy Stocks? Yes No
Rating on App Store 329,000 Ratings With 4.5 Stars 8,300,000 Ratings
With 4.9 Stars
What Company Is It From? Square, Inc. The Delancey Corporation, LLC
App Store File Size 131.8 MB 122.9 MB
Created In 2013 2009
Can you get your own debit card? Yes Yes
Instant Withdrawal Option Yes Yes
Can You Withdraw From ATM with personal debit card? Yes Yes

Cash App Sign Up: Is There a Square Cash Toll-Free Number?

Unfortunately, there is no Square Cash toll-free number. If you’re registered with Cash App, you can head to their support on the app or website. This is how you can reach the Cash App team.

If you want to reach them by mail, their address is:

Cash App
1455 Market Street Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94103

If you love money making methods like CashApp sign up one, you can check out the 200+ ways to make money online.

This will be one of the methods I am sharing with you today. If you encounter and CashApp problems, feel free to ask away.  Feel free to leave your referral code in the comment section, give this blog a share, and subscribe for more valuable information.

Would You Like to Share Your Square Cash Referral Code? (BONUS SECTION)

Did you enjoy this article about making money from CashApp sign up? Subscribe and comment below on this article with your referral code for people to see! Here’s a bonus:

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