were removing inauthentic likes and follows

Instagram Fake Followers: “We’re Removing Inauthentic Likes and Follows”

Instagram Fake Followers Checker!

Over the course of the last several weeks, Instagram has finally caught on with the use of automation tools. These automation tools typically run a person’s Instagram account for as long as they desire. The purpose of these tools used by a majority is for botting user’s account(s) or for serving clients or for their financial gain (account growth/gaining followers and engagements). While not all third-party automation services are flagged by Instagram, a numerous amount of users are receiving a moderate warning notice from their account(s) and believe it has something to do with fake followers. With the case study recently, I believe having fake followers is just a little problem behind it. If you’re unsure of whether you have fake followers or not, you can see if Instagram followers are real by checking your Instagram account here.

What Is Instagram Shadow Ban?

I had the opportunity to speak to many of the users that were hit by this warning and they all have one thing in common: using automation tools. While there are people out there that are claiming that this warning has to do with purchasing fake followers/likes, I haven’t heard of anyone being hit with this warning or receive an Instagram shadowban because of that. If you are planning on purchasing from suppliers, please understand that there’s a high risk. How you utilize these followers all depends on you. Whether it’s for social proof marketing or looking cool, there are consequences if you’re not cautious and up to date with Instagram’s algorithm.

What Did Instagram’s Warning Say?

Instagram, one of the largest growing social media platforms with at least one billion monthly active visitors sent a notice/warning to many of the suspicious accounts:

We’re Removing Inauthentic Likes and Follows:

You may have shared your username and password with an app that offers followers or likes. We’re removing activity from these apps, such as new followers, because they violate our Community Guidelines. Please change your password to prevent your account from being disabled.

With such drastic changes especially for the number of users using these tools, Instagram’s algorithm is only improving and getting smarter every day. And because Instagram is getting smarter every day, Instagram users are more likely to be at risk when using automation services or suspicious apps.  Your first step should be changing your password for safety purposes. You’ll never know who has your account information or not. Your second step is to check which apps are authorized into your account. Remember to read their Community Guidelines before doing anything suspicious!

How do you check what apps are authorized on your Instagram?

As odd as it is, you can’t check for authorized apps on your phone application. The only way to check for authorized applications is by going on your computer.

Once you logged in on Instagram, follow these steps in order to check your account:

  1. You will click on your profile and look for the cogwheel to the right of the “Edit Profile” and click on it. The cogwheel should look like this.
  2.  The settings menu should appear with an ‘Authorized App’ option. Now you will be able to know which third-party apps you’ve authorized.
  3. Now, you can revoke access to any suspicious tools/programs that could get you banned.

Because more and more users are receiving this warning every day, I decided to experiment with a case-study, and the results are quite interesting. I created two accounts. One test account using the automation tool and the other with fake followers and engagements being added. I was testing to see which account will get hit by that warning. I found it interesting because in most cases with everyone else, the results are similar. Here are the results:

Account One:

For test account one with the automation tool, I decided to let RoboLike (an auto-like bot), run for a week. For anyone curious, the price for RoboLike is $7.77 a month and you get a free 3-day trial. Please use it at your own risk. I will write a review on RoboLike soon enough.

After a week of running, I was hit by Instagram’s warning because I authorized my account for RoboLike to automate. After changing my password and continuing on using RoboLike again, I was hit by it again a day later. I did it over and over for 3-4 times. To avoid being a ban, you have to change your password as stated on the warning. But also, you cannot use the same password (which sucks because I’m a forgettable person when it comes to passwords), so make sure to write it down and keep it safely stored. Whether it’s on your notebook or a private Google spreadsheet, keep your password safe because you will keep on having to change it if you are hit by this warning.

Overall, it doesn’t seem like Instagram will ban your account as long as you change it. But you will have to keep changing it over and over which can be extremely annoying and tedious if you have multiple accounts or clients.

Account Two:

For test account two, I decided to test it out by adding followers and engagements to my post. While many of the fake followers and engagements were removed, I have yet received any warning. This article will be updated once I receive my first warning.

Will this be the answer to avoid an Instagram ban? The answer will always be unknown because Instagram’s algorithm changes every day. They are only getting smarter and smarter. The most recommended way to grow your account is to post high-quality content and be consistent. Also, try using hash-tag research because it will help you grow your account at a good pace.

If you have extra information to contribute in regards to Instagram’s new warning, feel free to comment below.

Let’s prevent your Instagram from being muted or shadowban. It can happen at any time when your account is suspicious. The best route to gain followers is to post consistently and do your research with high-quality content.

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