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Method 2. Fortnite Affiliate Program

You probably didn’t even know that Fortnite has an affiliate program. Well, here it is. I wrote an article about how an affiliate member was earning over $8,000 in a span of 3 months. There’s money to be made in Fortnite’s affiliate program also known as Support-A-Creator.

My strategy was different compared to others. What I did during this case study was that I created a Fortnite Instagram account and have a bot that mentions a lot of users.

The image that I posted was a giveaway for free gift cards and that made a lot of people signing up under my creator name. This method was able to earn a few hundred dollars. The one thing I dislike about the site is that their analytics can take a while to update.

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How do most people promote their Fortnite code?

  • There are YouTube content creators making videos about Fortnite and asking people to use their code to support them.
  • Promote on a Facebook page related to Fortnite.
  • Promote on an Instagram page related to Fortnite.

There are many ways. This is just to give you an idea and hopefully, you can add your own twist.

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