40+ Ways To Make Money Online in 2020 With In-Depth Articles!

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Method 38. Shop Often? Earn Money With Receipts!

Nowadays, thanks to technologies, you can earn for scanning your receipts. While this is great as a side gig, you can earn money just for being an active shopper.

Not only that, but you can scam other people’s receipts too. People usually throw them away.

Most of these companies give out:

  • gifts for scanning receipt
  • discounts
  • freebies

Top companies that are rewarding for scanning receipt:

  • CoinOut
  • FetchRewards
  • Paribus

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While this method is not for me because I don’t shop as often, this can be beneficial for people that are outgoing and a spender. If you’re not a spender, hop on to the next page!

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