where can i load my cash app card

Where Can I Load My Cash App Card? (Tips & Tricks)

Cash App has been rising in popularity in the money sending platform industry. From hundreds of thousands of Cash App users using this app on a daily basis to many left with questions and uncertainties.

One Cash App question that sparks is…

“Where can I load my Cash App card?”

Well, it’s quite simple. You cannot load money into your Cash App debit card by going to certain locations.

However, you can load money into your card through several methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • From another bank
  • Another user sending payment to you

Before we get started, you’re going to need to sign up for Cash App. Check out the helpful guide. It answers a lot of common questions about Cash App just in case you’re curious.

Loading Money Into Your Cash App Card With Bitcoin

This method requires a little more work and effort since you need to already have Bitcoin.

And if you don’t have Bitcoin, then you’re likely going to need to sign up for an exchange platform to purchase them.

Keep in mind that buying/sending Bitcoin usually costs a fee.

Once you have your Bitcoin, here are the steps that you need to take to send load money into your Cash App card.

Step 1: Open Cash App

Step 2: Click/Tap on the swirly line on the bottom right. It’s between the money symbol and clock symbol.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Bitcoin’ which is right next to ‘Stocks.’

Step 4: Tap on the blue button with the arrow inside of it. It should be similar to the ‘Buy’ button on the right of it.

Step 5: Tap on ‘Deposit Bitcoin’

Step 6: You will get a QR code. You can copy/paste the address and send your Bitcoin from whichever exchange and wallet you’re using.

Step 7: Now you wait. It can take minutes to hours depending on the blockchain.

Step 8: Once your Bitcoin is in your account, you can sell it and your money should appear in your Cash App wallet ready to use.

Loading Money Into Your Cash App With Bank

Another method to load money into your Cash App card is by connecting your bank account with your Cash App account.

Step 1: Open Cash App

Step 2: Tap on the house symbol on the bottom left of the screen.

Step 3: Tap ‘Linked Accounts’

Step 4: Here, you can link your debit card, credit card, or even bank account through routing/account number.

Step 5: Once linked, go back to the last page.

Step 6: Tap on ‘Add Cash,’ Your money should now be added to your Cash App wallet and it’s ready to use.

Loading Money Into Your Cash App By Receiving Payments

This one is quite simple, so it doesn’t require many steps.

Once you create your Cash App account, you can have a friend/family to send you a payment to your cash tag.

Cash Tag Example: $mysocialgod

It’s basically like a username.

If you already have a Cash App card, then you’ll be able to use the money once payment is sent into your account.

And that’s how you can load money into your Cash App!

Quite simple isn’t it?

If you’re unsure of what to use when it comes to Venmo Vs. Cash App, check out the chart below!

Cash App vs Venmo ArticleCash AppVenmo  
Google Play StoreAvailableAvailable
App StoreAvailableAvailable
Free DownloadYesYes
Can You Buy Bitcoin?YesNo
Can You Buy Stocks?YesNo
Rating on App Store329,000 Ratings With 4.5 Stars8,300,000 Ratings
With 4.9 Stars
What Company Is It From?Square, Inc.The Delancey Corporation, LLC
App Store File Size131.8 MB122.9 MB
Created In20132009
Can you get your own debit card?YesYes
Instant Withdrawal OptionYesYes
Can You Withdraw From ATM with personal debit card?YesYes

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