AceD Coin Announcing Huge Partnership: Summer Update 2019

AceD Coin Summer Update 2019

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Are you an AceD investor? If you are, then this will be great news for you.

If you’re not an investor, then you’re missing out. It’s not too late to join in on the fun. 

*****(Please invest at your own risks. For any projects of that matter. Whether you’re investing in stocks or crypto, always, and I say ALWAYS do your research. This is my personal opinion, not financial advice. This article is from the information I’ve collected along with my personal opinion on this currency.)*****


While it’s summertime, you’re probably sipping on your ice-cold margarita, working a full-time job, or taking care of your kids. You’re probably loving life, hating life, or both at the same time. Your investments are probably going up, going down, and going sideways like a rollercoaster.

Your alt-coin investment is probably as gloomy as depression and you’re wondering when alt-season will come.

To make your summer a little more colorful, I have exciting news to share with you in regards to AceD coin.


here comes the news…


This month in AceD coin, the project lead will be having a meeting about an upcoming major partnership with another notable company. 

That’s right! You heard it here first!

Currently, the project lead of AceD, Max is working on a deal with a larger company that’s one of the largest pre-paid card distributors. (to be announced)

And the deal seems to be heading towards a positive direction for the betterment of AceD.

The contract is taking place on Monday, July 8th, 2019. The deal will be finalized by then. 

What will be the usage for AceD prepaid cards:

  • It’ll work like a prepaid payment method.
  • You don’t need banks or credit card information.
  • Can make payments online.
  • You have thousands of merchants online to work with!
  • Use for betting.
  • Play games
  • Shopping.
  • You can buy/sell your AceD for fiat. You can exchange it to your PaySafeCard, NeoSurf, or Flexipin

AceD will be featured on the (company name to be announced) company’s website banner introducing a whole new community to AceD cryptocurrency!

As for the part of this huge deal and a historic moment for AceD, there will be live operators working with new investors from around the world. The operators will introduce and help them buy AceD directly from the market.

Mark your calendars, because we’re one step closer to adoption!

On Monday, the team will be revealing the company name to investors. If you want an update or meet the community, you can follow up with them on Discord here.

AceD of Hearts:

Part of growth all depends on the community.  The AceD of Hearts, one of the community projects started by Discord user: @12k#7398, which the community truly appreciates; a notable member.

This shows a lot for the community and the team. AceD can only progress every day if we work together as a whole. We can’t be a full pizza without all the slices.

Users will send their AceD coins to a certain address and it all adds up. One lucky winner will get the prize pot in a weekly raffle.

For a more detailed guide, join their Discord and Twitter below:

Untitled 5

To follow up and chat with the members, click here for Discord link.

And to follow the community’s Twitter account for updates, click here.

Will you be this week’s winner?

Please play responsibly and spend your money at your own risk.


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Blockfolio App

Blockfolio is a cryptocurrency tracking app. If you’re holding on to AceD coin or planning to, then I suggest that you install Blockfolio. You can track the history of AceD along with a thousand other coins.

The phone app is available for both iPhone and Android.

You can keep up to date with your favorite cryptocurrencies *cough* AceD *cough* through Blockfolio’s signals. You can track the price, the order book, and transactions.

While there are many features in the Blockfolio phone app, I recommend that you get it if you’re an AceD investor to keep track.

Poker Release:

After months of labor and hard work, the team is several steps away from releasing AceD Poker.

According to the lead developer, they have a few more bugs to fix before having AceD Poker live.

This means that you can play against other people with AceD coin. Below are the bugs that are fixed and what needs to be fixed. You will get a weekly update from the team on what is fixed and every box checked, is a step closer to the release of AceD Poker.

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When Poker is released, masternode holders will be able to rake a percentage in AceD. That’s another benefit! Are you a masternode holder?

If not, then get your AceD masternode today for 10,000 AceD!

AceD Poker should be released live in several weeks judging by the work pace of the talented team members.

Are you ready to compete against other players in a tournament?

Projects for AceD Coin After Poker:

After poker is live, there will be several projects that are already planned for later this year. To get a little hint and sneak peek, the projects are:

  • Project Moon
  • Project New Explorer

These projects will be announced with their goals right after poker so stay tune!


  1. Partnership- AceD will partner with one of the largest pre-paid card distributor 
  2. AceD of Hearts- A community project for weekly AceD lottery
  3. Blockfolio- Download to follow AceD on Blockfolio’s signals
  4. Poker Release- Several bugs left to fix before being released live
  5. New Projects- Project Moon and New Explorer to be announced after AceD Poker

A huge THANKS to all AceD team members for their dedication and commitment!

Untitled 6
AceD Team

The team has been working hard since the beginning of AceD coin. Many investors struggled through the bear market, yet the team continued on strong. Compare to many coins in the top 200 on CoinMarketCap, AceD deserves that spot because many of those projects don’t even have a product yet to show.

Whether you choose to invest in AceD or not, it’s your choice. This is my personal opinion, not financial advice.

I have a reward for you.

You have made it this far in the article. As a token of appreciation, comment your AceD address below and I will send you some AceD coins.