Adver Blast Review: Free SMS Marketing in 2021

With the increase in mobile phone communication, an SMS-based targeted advertisement has paved a unique way for businesses to get to their customers in the blink of an eye; this is an even more efficient tool for small and budding businesses that are looking to make an impact.

One research claims that 54% of people prefer SMS advertising. Furthermore, the research also goes on to list that only 11% of businesses consider using SMS as a marketing and advertising solution; this shows how little appreciation the potential of SMS marketing receives.

Adver Blast is one of the few quality products that divert uninterrupted traffic to your website for a lifetime. It was registered in October 2013. Adver Blast uses a new program for free SMS marketing, called SMS Extreme, which uses SMS advertising, provides links to your webpage, and diverts twice the usual traffic. This allows you to reach thousands of people on a daily basis, provided that they have opted to receive your advertisements. Advertising solutions should not spam their customers, and Adver Blast upholds these marketing values


How to Use Adver Blast?

Opt for Adver Blast if you want to reach your customer base in a lightning-fast way. Following are the two simplest steps needed to send an SMS blast:

Sign Up

This is a standard procedure with any SMS marketing service provider; you have to sign up for an account. You have to sign up with an affiliate Clickbank account since Adver Blast is a Clickbank product. Signing up is free; you just need to have an additional account on Clickbait so that 50% more revenue is generated on your website for every sale you make. You get all the promotional material you need when you sign up, plus a username and a password for the future.


Add Links

Once you have set up the account for a small fee, all you have to do is to provide the affiliate links to your business plus the number of your target audience, and you are all set. You can add up to five URLs for promotion from a single account. The program provides lifetime support in terms of promoting and boosting your website and e-businesses. As soon as people start making purchases, you get a commission based on every purchase (using the Clickbank account), and you can generate an increase of 600% in your revenue.

Why is Adver Blast Effective?

SMS marketing is effective because people feel that the gesture is more personal than a business deal.

Studies have shown that people generally read their text messages within three minutes; the rate for this habit is 94%. In comparison, the ratio for email is just 22%. Shockingly, only 12% of social media-promoted advertisements get any sort of interaction.

Using Adver Blast for SMS marketing gets your business a bigger and better chance of getting discovered by your audience. It gives four to five times better odds than social media. The product manages the traffic of about 1.6 million people on average. Your promotion gets you an additional review, and this feature is hardly available with any other advertisement solution program.


Adver Blast is unique because it is strictly mobile-based. In today’s world, people go for their mobile phones for the majority of their internet purchases. You can rest assured that your advertisement deal is in safe hands since Adver Blast targets phone advertisements.

Pros of Adver Blast

  • Affordable ($47 upfront)
  • Has a 96% open ratio from the SMS traffic. That’s a high amount especially when you’re trying to convert your leads.
  • Exponential business growth
  • Attains the goal in a limited time
  • Reaches millions of people daily
  • Risk-free
  • 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you lose interest in the program, you can get a refund.
  • Change URLs any time and the traffic will be instantly redirected to the new URLs
  • Free your business from SEO methods of getting internet traffic

Cons if Adver Blast

  • The main website makes the product seem like a scam
  • More cheap traffic on user’s websites than targeted traffic
  • No legitimate reviews of the product online
  • Shows ads as a customer are leaving the website, making it difficult to get a wider audience for purchases
  • Spams customers
  • No social media presence

Is Adver Blast a Scam?

Many people are of the opinion that Adver Blast is a scam, due to the lack of a strong online presence and miscommunication of their product’s feature. Users have written negative reviews on some websites that they had difficulty operating the program. There also are no clear instructions on their homepage for URL submission. Some users have stated that using Adver Blast does little to nothing to boost their business, let alone generate extra cash on each purchase. There is no help page or customer support system to promote ease of usability.

On the other hand, the official Adver Blast website has a video that explains why this product is legitimate. There are many YouTube videos of about a few seconds each, in which the reviewers highlight the same features over and over; thus, there is no concrete review of Adver Blast available.

From Where Can You Buy and Download Adver Blast?

Adver Blast’s official website and a few other trusted sites have provided the download link at the very bottom. However, there are some other sites that provide scam links or links infested with viruses, so it is better to do your research before downloading Adver Blast.

In the end, it all boils down to your needs and how you want them to be fulfilled. If you think that Adver Blast will be good for your business and you like its features, then you should definitely give it a try. You can get your money back within 60 days of purchase as well. Besides, the price of the product is nothing when compared to the earnings you will generate. Many happy customers have written online reviews about their experience with Adver Blast, which shows that it definitely has reviews. Feel free to try it out. If you don’t like it, they have 60-day money-back guarantee.

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