Amazon Charged Me For Prime Without My Permission (2021)

Amazon Charged Me For Prime Without My Permission

When you’re working on a budget, or even if you have a general plan around your income and how it will be spent at a given time, suddenly having money cut short from your account can be a pretty annoying thing to have to happen. This would especially be the case when the deduction was … Read more

Can I Load My Cash App Card At Rite Aid? (4 Alternatives)

Can I Load My Cash App Card At Rite Aid

Like other peer-to-peer payment apps in the country, Cash App allows its users to send and receive money through or using their phones. There are many benefits associated with having a Cash App. For starters, it eliminates the need to carry a wallet or physical money. While the benefits are plenty, there are a few … Read more

How Does Chime Make Money? (2021)

How Does Chime Make Money

Advancements in technology have resulted in some changes regarding how we go about doing several things business-wise, regardless of the industry in question. One sector that’s been shaken up by these advancements in technology is the banking industry or sector. The way we bank over the years has drastically changed due to these developments. If … Read more

Why Did I Receive a Text From 60680? (York School District 1 or Scam)

Why Did I Receive a Text From 60680? (York School District 1 or Scam)

With so much going on nowadays throughout the country many companies and even some institutions have embraced the use of text alert systems to alert and update their customers or just individuals in general on on-going events. One such institution that’s embraced text-based alert systems of late is York School District 1. They’ve been reaching … Read more

Why Did I Receive a Text From 55678? (Amera Mobile or Scam)

Text From 55678

Random texts are a ton plenty nowadays. Ask just about anyone about random texts and they’ll tell you that they’ve received at least one random text if not this week then this month. In fact, some even end up receiving up to five random texts a week. With such a high number of random texts, … Read more

Why Did I Receive a Text From 24376? (Ahern Rentals or Scam)

Text From 24376

With digital marketing quickly picking up the pace throughout the country combined with the fact that many companies are now embracing text-based alert systems to their customers, the number of texts we receive randomly daily has increased drastically over years. With so many texts being sent around, it’s very hard to tell whether or not … Read more

Why Did I Receive a Text From 24719? (T-Mobile or Scam)

Why Did I Receive a Text From 24719? (T-Mobile or Scam)

If you were to look up this short SMS code 24719 on Google, you are bound to receive lots of hits. One of the reasons why this is so is the fact that many people have and are continuing to receive text messages from 24719. Given the number of people affected, there have been lots … Read more

Why Did I Receive a Text From 32858? (American Express or Scam)

Text From 32858

Text messages from 32858 are very common in the U.S. In fact, you are bound to find someone online who’s received a text message from 32858 without having to search that hard. At the same time, there are many speculations as to who these texts are from and who owns 32858. That said this post … Read more

Why Did I Receive a Text From 33748? (Banks or Scam)

Text From 33748

Receiving a text message with the code 33748 can be scary especially for those who actually know what a text message with a 33748 code really means. For those who don’t know what it means and are unfortunate to have received such a text, this post was written specifically with you in mind. This post … Read more

Why Did I Receive a Text From 51789? (Microsoft or Scam)

Text From 51789

Those who receive a text message(s) from 51789 are usually very curious as to who might be sending them such texts. In fact, depending on the context of the message sent using this SMS code 51789, some go as far as claiming that they’ve been hacked or better yet someone is trying to scam them. … Read more

Why Did I Receive a Text From 88811? (Legit or Scam)

Text From 88811

We are living in a time where pretty much everything is done digitally. From handling money to the way we communicate with friends, loved ones, or family members, everything is digital nowadays. It is with this that it comes as no surprise that many people are constantly receiving calls or sometimes text messages from numbers … Read more

Why Did I Receive a Text From 89361? (NOAA or Scam)

Text From 89361

If you’ve received a text message from 89361 then chances are you are not really sure what’s going on. This is more so the case if you were to factor in the content of the message in the text that you received. It is with this that many wonder or ask whether they are being … Read more

Why Did I Receive A Text From 28777? (USPS or Scam)

Text From 28777

Receiving a text from 28777 is very common in the United States. You are likely going to bump into someone by simply walking down the street in your neighborhood who at some point has received a text message from 28777. Despite this fact, however, there are some people that are yet to receive a text … Read more

Why Did I Receive A Text From 21525? (Walgreens or Scam)

Text From 21525

Many people of late have been receiving text messages from 21525. While this hasn’t come as a surprise to a small number of them, it has too many people and this has resulted in them having lots of questions with regards to the text messages they’ve received from 21525. While the questions are many, there … Read more

Why Did I Receive a Text From 6245? (Verizon or Scam)

Text From 6245

If you’re a customer at Verizon, then chances are – you’re receiving text messages from 6245 right now, and that’s why you’re here. For numerous Verizon customers, receiving these texts can be alarming and worrying. Don’t worry too much – they’re not coming from scammers. It cannot be delightful when you receive blank text messages … Read more

Why Did I Receive a Text From 40404? (Twitter or Scam)

Text From 40404

Receiving unsolicited text messages these days that touch on online accounts that we’ve created usually brings up many questions. In most cases, we always jump to the conclusion that we’ve been hacked or someone is trying to hack into our accounts. Given the nature of the account we operate, the conclusion might also be someone … Read more

Why Did I Receive Text Messages From 24273? (Scam or Not)

Text Messages From 24273

In the past, getting text messages from any number wasn’t such a big deal. Today, given the times we are living in, getting strange text messages from a strange number(s) raises a lot of questions. This is especially so when the text message(s) received contains sensitive information like bank details or digital wallet details. Many … Read more

Can You Use PayPal in Argentina? (5 Alternatives + Details)

PayPal in Argentina

For a number of PayPal users in the US, being able to use their PayPal account in the country they chose to visit or travel to is very important and thus the interest in whether or not PayPal works in different countries worldwide. PayPal account holders in the US who use PayPal on a regular … Read more