Blog Income And Traffic Report: January 2019 to February 2020

It felt like yesterday that I created my blog. Before starting my blogging journey, I would always experiment with many different ways to make money online. It all started off when I was a kid playing an online game, selling in-game currencies for real money. I was only 14 when I made my first $1,000 from selling currencies online.

I quickly realized the potential of the internet and how you can make money from it. I started browsing forums, reading articles, watching YouTube videos, and learning almost every day of my life.

“The idea of making money online truly excites me.” 

I can feel the mini adrenaline rush every time I earn money online even if it’s just pennies. Methods after methods (in the hundreds), I eventually landed on a project that is long-term and that could potentially secure my future.

Ever since starting this website, I had zero knowledge about SEO. Admittedly, it is a difficult subject to learn. Still, I find myself trying my best in my efforts to understanding this topic. To be honest, I didn’t learn SEO until June of 2019. This website was created in 2018 of November because I was planning on using it to sell marketing services.

I wrote 3 articles in January 2019 expecting traffic. I expected traffic from just sharing my blog through social media. I had high expectations and zero-knowledge. Traffic doesn’t just come to my blog if I don’t do SEO.


I decided that it was too difficult that I have to stop. I published an article here and there but they weren’t SEO-optimized. In June 2019, I checked my website stats and saw that I was getting traffic from the “Search Engines.” I asked myself, “what can I do to achieve more of this traffic?” After all, they are coming from out of nowhere.

blog income report Income and Traffic Report

In June 2019, I did some research and finally had a better understanding of what SEO really is. I took a free course, learned the basics, and binged on videos after videos. I decided to take action because I can’t stay where I’m at in life. I want to progress and become better.

Writing one article after another, my understanding of SEO eventually improved. I’m not the best nor greatest, but I do have a better understanding of it.

Blogging Is A Lonely Journey

I have to admit, it was a lonely journey. No one I knew in real life does SEO or blogging. I had no one to share my journey with. I made a lot of sacrifices. As the loneliness built up, I decided to go on forums and share my journey with other bloggers. It still wasn’t enough for me. What helped me up until this day was my blogging chat group that I created. We share our journeys, motivate each other in hopes of reaching the greener side of the field one day.

It helped me and hopefully, my community feels the same way. 

The Sacrifice When Being A Blogger

Throughout the year, I made a lot of sacrifices. I went MIA from my friends in 2019 just to purely focus on blogging. It wasn’t easy. I was too focused on my future and the success that I couldn’t let anything stop me from achieving it.

I’ve sacrificed:

  • Time – A lot of time was dedicated to this blog. When writing an article, it takes me approximately 3-4 hours just for one article. While I aim to achieve more, work and other personal things in life are in the way.
  • Friends – In the time of working on this blog, I went out less with friends causing our friendships to distance and eventually disconnecting. This is also the reason why the journey of blogging becomes more lonely over the months.
  • Money – A great amount of money was invested in this blog. While it’s not guaranteed to have a positive ROI, I have to spend money to ensure a better user experience for my visitors. I’ve spent money on increasing website speed, articles, and hosting yearly for this website. There’s no way I’m turning away from this blog at this point.
The Present Day Of My Blogging Journey

Today, I am proud of what I’ve achieved. While the stats aren’t as impressive compare to many other bloggers, I’m proud to have what I have now. I have to put in more work for 2020 if I want to achieve greater results. I have to invest more and expand my knowledge of SEO.

We all hate working at out 9 to 5 jobs, so we might as well make a difference in our lives and invest in writing about something we love.

If I can go back in time, I would definitely focus on publishing more articles and write as much content as possible for this website. To this day, I have earned almost $600 from both affiliates and advertising. My goal is to earn at least $25+ a day by the end of 2020. It’s do-able. If I really want financial freedom, what’s stopping me?

To my readers and friends, I’m grateful for everyone supporting on this long journey. – mysocialgod