Can You Use Venmo in UK (United Kingdom)?

In the world of peer-to-peer payment apps, there are two apps that are really making a name for themselves even in countries such as France, South Africa, and Mexico and they are Venmo and Cash App. These two P2P apps are a go-to when it comes to sending and receiving money digitally using a mobile device.

Despite their worldwide popularity, these two apps are not accessible in all countries. Yes, there are certain countries where users cannot be able to use either Cash App or Venmo. With this in mind, many users wonder whether or not they can be able to use either of these two in their country.


This post will be answering those who are wondering whether or not they can use Venmo in the UK (United Kingdom)   

Unfortunately, you cannot use Venom in the UK (United Kingdom) as it’s not yet available just yet.

How Does Venmo Works?

Venmo for those who are not familiar with it is simply a peer-to-peer digital wallet that allows users to send money online. It is very popular with youths in America especially those who are just starting out in life given the fact that it allows them to easily contribute to payments like rent, food, or any other bill. There are a number of reasons why youths like it, for instance, with Venmo they don’t have to use wallets, fees, or credit cards for that matter. While it is synonymous with sending money, Venmo is also a very popular app when it comes to receiving money.


To use Venmo, one ought to create an account first. The process of creating an account is very simple. Simply open either Apple Store or Google Play Store and do a search for Venmo. With the app insight, click install, and once installed proceed by creating an account. Users can choose to either create an account using Facebook (if they have an account) or using their email. Simply enter an email address then select a unique username and that’s it.  

Can I Use Venmo In The UK (United Kingdom)?

Given how convenient Venmo is especially to youths, there’ve been lots of interest shown towards it from different parts of the world with many keen on setting up or creating their own Venmo account.

One country where many are keen on opening a Venmo account in the UK.  But is it really possible? Well, sadly no. UK residents cannot create Venmo accounts or better yet they cannot use Venmo to send or receive money.


One of the reasons why many assume that they can use or access Venmo from anywhere is its popularity. Venom is very popular in a number of countries and many simply assume that they too can open or create a Venmo account. What they don’t know however is that Venmo is not international and as such not available in certain countries such as the UK.

Can I Use Venmo Outside The US?

Keeping in mind that Venmo is not international, a number of users are keen on knowing whether or not they can use it in their country thus the question can I use Venmo outside the US? That said, the answer is no, users cannot use Venmo outside the US.

Currently, the only people or users who can create Venmo accounts and use the services it comes with are those living in the US. Simply put, only US-based residents can use Venmo.   

What Are Venmo Alternatives In The UK?

If you are in the UK and looking for something similar to Venmo then Cash App is an ideal choice. In fact, some might argue that Cash App is an ideal choice compared to Venmo when it comes to peer-to-peer apps given the various features that it has.

That said like Venmo, Cash App allows users to send and receive money using their mobile devices. Worth noting is the fact that Cash App, during its earlier days, was only available in the US, fortunately, the services were extended to the UK a few months later on.

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