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200+ Ways To Make Money During The Summer 2019! A-Z

Want To Make Money Online?:

Majority of us struggle with money here and there, but did you know there are thousands of ways to make money online during the summer 2019 (as a student, a mother, or just the average Joe)? These are great for beer money, for your monthly Netflix subscription, buy your friend a Netflix subscription gift card, a full-time job, or even for paying your bills online. There are stories of people making thousands monthly using these methods and affiliates as to their full-time job. I have compiled a list of ways and ideas to make money online. You will be learning about money making methods such as affiliate marketing, advertising, and many more.

My goal by the end of the year is to write an article on each one of the ways so feel free to subscribe to this page for an update on your favorite method!

gold mine

Goldmine or Gold Mine? Either Way, They’re Yours:



Ace Fitness Affiliate Program- You can create banner texts and links for your website or social media accounts where users can learn about the fitness certification program. This is their affiliate. Your commission can be as high as 8%. You can contact Ace Fitness customer service if you have any questions regarding the affiliate program.

Achievement- In this program, you can get cash for doing healthy activities. You earn points for healthy behaviors and redeem for cash or cash or charities. It’s great that there’s a program where you can earn rewards for the achievement of our own. If you want to sign up, check it here.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing- You can apply to work as an Amazon affiliate marketer and sell a variety of products for consumers. This is a great platform for affiliate marketing because Amazon is already known worldwide. People (customers) already have trust in this company. Many of the commission on products is 2-4% depending on what you’re selling. Remember your Amazon affiliate link format! Many social media platforms dislike the usage of affiliate links so you’ll have to create a website and value to the product.

Amazon Drop Shipping- In this method, you will be selling items by listing them on Amazon. You don’t need the product but need a reliable supplier. You can also buy items on Amazon and be the middle-man for consumers but make sure to read the Amazon Drop Shipping Policy before getting in trouble!

Amazon Mechanical Turk- As an Amazon Mechanical Turk, you will be assigned small tasks to complete. Normally, the tasks are usually what computers aren’t able to accomplish. As an Amazon Mechanical Turk, payments can be decent depending on how many tasks you completed.


Bankaffiliates.com Affiliate Programs- If you have an audience for financial products, then this is the affiliate for you. Bank Affiliates will help you find the right program. Many of the programs are very similar to the Bank of America affiliate.

Bank Rate Credit Cards Affiliate Program- If you have credit card related traffic, then this is the program for you. You can earn a great amount of commission upon customer signups.

Binance Referral Program- This cryptocurrency exchange can be profitable if you have enough referrals. You can get residual income because of it. There are users making thousands every month. The way it works is that when a user makes a trade, the referrer gets 50% of their fees until they stop trading. It can be passive income if you have the right tools to recruit referrals. Binance also has its own cryptocurrency that you can invest in but be sure to invest at your own risk.

BigCommerce Referral Program- You can promote BigCommerce using a referral link. You will get paid the same time every month. You just need a source of traffic. You can track your sales and commission from a dashboard that’s provided. For more information, you can contact BigCommerce 24/7 Support Number on Mon to Fri from 8 am to 6 pm CST 1-888-248-9325 toll-free.

Blogging Advertising- You can start a website and build your traffic slowly up. It will take a lot of time and patience but the reward can be tremendous if monetized correctly. You will be working with advertisement companies such as AdSense or a company you’re content with. You can start off with Wix, Blogger, or what I’m using (WordPress). There are other similar platforms too.

Blogging for Affiliate Marketing- Once you have a website with traffic, you can promote and promote company products where you can earn commissions. It can be profitable but requires a lot of time of patience. When you’re doing affiliate marketing without blogging, you will need a strategy because of many social media platforms that are highly strict of affiliate links.

Blogging and Selling Ebooks- Once you have a website with traffic, you can write your own ebook and promote to sell. There are many websites in which you can sell and promote your ebook. That’s the power of today’s technology. Before technology, imagine going through the struggles of getting a book published.

Blogging and Lead Generating- Let’s say you have a website that’s car related niche, you can add in a contact form and collect leads from around your area. You can target your area using keywords and sell the leads to dealerships. They will pay you between $10 to $50 per lead depending on the quality of it. Imagine if you’re a salesperson for a car dealership, you’re basically hitting the gold-mine.

Blogging and Guest Posts- Once your website has a high domain authority, authors will pay you for your guest post depending on your website’s metric score to help boost their website’s ranking. It can be anywhere between $5 per post or higher. There are even users charging hundreds and this service is beneficial because the person buying the service will be in Google’s favor.

Bluehost Affiliate Program- When you refer visitors to BlueHost (a hosting company), each qualified signup is $65 in commission. If you’re interested in this program and have questions, you can visit BlueHost customer service for more information on this affiliate program.

BodyBuilding.com Affiliate Program- You sell products that are in the fitness field to customers for a decent amount of commission.

Booking.com Affiliate Program- Booking has a network of 12,500+ affiliates and high-income potential. Your niche should be focused on targeting travelers that are looking for hotels to stay. You can promote this on your blog or social media.

Bowflex.com Affiliate Program- An affiliate program where you sell gym equipment such as treadmills or weights. This can be profitable if you’re targeting people that are into fitness.

Brave Website Browsing (Click for Guide)Brave platform will reward users for looking at advertisements. You will be earning what can be exchanged for cash. Brave will reward the user with cryptocurrency (BAT) also as known as Basic Attention Token.

Brave Browser Welcome Screen


 CashApp Referral Program (Click for Tutorial)You can make instant money from just referring your friends to this money sending phone app. It’s a quick process and easy withdrawal. This app is similar to PayPal and Venmo. Where I’m from CashApp is gaining traction and popularity. This is one of the ways you can make money during the summer.

CashApp Sign Up

Craigslist Dropshipping- You can buy products from a different website and arbitrage products from one marketplace to Craigslist users. You don’t have to make the purchase. You’re basically the middleman. You only make the purchase when someone orders from you first, so that way, it’s a guarantee that you’ll have the money first.

Craigslist Lead Generation- You post ads and collect leads from clients. You can sell the leads after to salespeople, lawyers, etc. With this method, you can create an ad posting for $5 or post your own free ads but be cautious, you can get flagged. You have to make your ads as realistic and convincing as possible.

Craigslist Item Flipping- You purchase items for cheap and resell them to different consumers. You can check out the Craigslist buy/sell/trade section and find cheap items. You can easily find a product that’s very cheap because there are people out there that need money badly to the point where they’ll sell their stuff for cheaper than market value. An example is my laptop that I’m typing on right now, I was able to purchase my MSI for $300 when they usually go for around $700-$1,000 in market value.

Craigslist Surveys- You create a lead magnet to get people filling in surveys for companies. You get rewarded for every survey completed. Of course, this is a blackhat method and is risky, so if you own a Craigslist account, use it to promote cautiously.

Credit.com Affiliate Program- Do you have a financial targeted audience? You can start promoting this affiliate program. You can sign up with Credit.com‘s affiliate program and you’ll have your own link to promote.

Cryptocurrency Staking- The more coins you hold, the more you’ll earn through the power of staking. It requires money to be earning passively. I’m currently staking with AceD cryptocurrency and I’m making about $5 every day from just leaving my computer on. It adds up! 30 days is already $150 without working. This is absolutely one of my favorite ways to make money leaving my computer on.

Cryptocurrency Mining- You can mine cryptocurrency using mining machines. The only investment that you’ll need is for a mining machine and electricity. (it will take a lot of electricity power!) There are actually mining farms in Alaska for cryptocurrency usually because of the coldness to prevent the mining machine from overheating.

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage- You buy cryptocurrencies for cheap on an exchange and resell it to another exchange for a higher price. This can be profitable coming from experience. I made over $10,000 from arbitrage in 2017 because of this. It requires a lot of time, a lot of sign-ups, and a lot of researching. If you find the right coin, you can make a huge income and even turn this into a full-time job.

Coinbase Referral Program- After you signup for Coinbase, you will get a referral link in the refer a friend section. When a user signs up under your link, you will get $10 after they make their purchase of $100 or more. The conversions are much higher when the market is booming because everyone wants to get in it.

Content Writing for Clients- You will be writing contents for clients around the world. Depending on how great you are at writing, you can make anywhere from $0.01 to $0.05 per word written. You can sign-up for several writing platforms like Textbroker. Obviously, there are many more but I prefer to get my own clients because you can charge on how much you think you’re worth. Writing platforms won’t pay you as much as you think. On Textbroker, I was getting around $0.015 per word and that’s not enough for my time and writing.

Courses and Coaching- Now that you have a way to make money, why not create a course and coach students? You can charge a minimum of $10 for a video course or even in the thousands depending on the type and quality of your course. You can promote your course on your website once you have enough audience, Facebook groups, or even YouTube. Don’t rip off your students! Make sure that your content is quality and unique and that it’s worth something.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program- You sell their services and get a nice sum of commission. You will need to sign up for an affiliate partnership with them before being able to promote your affiliate link.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program


Data Entry for Companies- Do you have quick typing skills? There are many businesses out there looking for customers for data entry jobs. Most employers will look for someone with quick typing skills.

Drop Loyalty Program (EarnWithDrop)- You can link your debit card to your app and every time you spend, you will earn points in which can be redeemed for points. The points then can be traded for rewards. You can sign up here.


EarningStation- Unfortunately, this rewards site recently shut down.

eBay Dropshipping- You don’t own any products. You list items on eBay and when someone orders it, you order it from another supplier at a lower cost. You will enter the customer’s details and ship it to the person that ordered it on eBay. There’s no risk to this because. You don’t need to have the product in hand. You only order when they order.

eBay Affiliate Marketing- You can earn commission on eBay for the items that you promote. You will get a special link to advertise. You can sign-up with eBay affiliate here.

Email Account Selling- You will need special tools to create tons of accounts. There’s a market for this and people are buying accounts every day for different purposes. This can be profitable if you scale it and have a targeted audience depending on what you sell. There are people who are making thousands every month from just selling email accounts. The only downside is making them because sometimes, providers can flag you and your IP address. I recommend using proxies for this.

Email Scraping and Selling- There are tools you can get online that scrape emails. Once you have a large list of emails, there are companies and businesses out there that will pay for these. The product that I am using right now to extract and scrape email is the Google Chrome extension, Email Extractor. Obviously, there are more tools so use whichever works best for you.

Etsy Selling Your Products- If you have your own products, you can sell to customers online using Etsy. Etsy was first known for selling hand-made products. Now, there are all types of products in the marketplace for Etsy.

Etsy Dropshipping- You can look for suppliers online and sell your stuff on Etsy at a higher cost. You don’t need to have the item already. You are the middle-man.

Equifax Affiliate Program- The Equifax affiliate program allows you to drive revenue on your website by offering small business products to your targeted audience.

Expedia Affiliate Program- With Expedia affiliate program, you team up with travel agencies and help promote their products. This is great if you have a travel blog.


Facebook Influencer Marketing- When your social media has a large following. You can promote products via shoutouts, you can sell shoutouts, etc. You can make a nice income from this depending on what you promote or sell.

Facebook Cost Per Action (CPA)- You can create landing pages and promote affiliate links. You can make a nice income from promoting phone apps, sign-ups, downloads, etc.

Facebook Lead Generation- You will learn to generate leads for clients or yourself. You can make between $20 to $100 per lead depending on the type and quality of the lead. This can be a full-time job if done correctly.

Facebook Username Flipping- You can purchase unique usernames from users online and resell them at a higher price. Unique usernames don’t have a set price so you can price it at however much price you want.

Facebook Affiliate Marketing- In Facebook affiliate marketing, you will need to build a website to build value for your products. You can’t promote affiliate links on Facebook since it’s against their TOS. The only way to do this is through a website or using a link cloaker.

Facebook Marketplace Item Flipping- You can scout and browse for cheap items in your area and resell them at a higher price. My cousin has done with several times and made hundreds from selling toys and collectibles.

Facebook Quizzes- You can create an engaging quiz for Facebook users and make a profit out of it. There are different ways to generate income from quizzes.

Facebook Group Sales- You can start your own group empire and sell your products to users. You can sell courses, ebooks, etc. Keep in mind that it will take time to generate a decent amount of followers.

Fetch Rewards- Here’s an easy way to make a nice little income. You can earn points by scanning your grocery receipts! You can then trade the points for money and rewards that are in your interest.

Finding Clients and Selling Services- Do you have any services that you excel at? You can provide for consumers? You can find clients online using social media platforms to provide find clients. I have done this using Instagram and have at least 50 solid clients.

Fiverr Service Provider- You can provide services online through a platform called Fiverr. By using the right keywords, you can target a great amount of traffic that can easily convert to customers. I have done this and made several hundred.  Beware that Fiverr is strict, so make sure you follow their rules.

Fiverr Gigs Reselling- There are different ways you can approach this method. You can look for services online from other platforms to sell to Fiverr at a higher rate. You can look for Fiverr services and sell them to other platforms at a higher rate. Whichever makes money.

Fresh Books Affiliate Program- You can earn up to $5 per trial sign-up and $55 per sale. You can make a nice income if you have an audience of people who love reading.

Fortnite Support-a-Creator- You can make money when another person adds your Fortnite code to their Fortnite account. There have been case studies where there are people making up to $8,000 in a span of 3 months.

FundsforWriters- You can earn money by writing for FundsforWriters. You need to contact them first and see if you qualify.

FusionCash- You can get rewarded for filling in surveys and cashback shopping. There are different ways to earn money on FusionCash. The variety is nice and can be great beer money.


Game Tester- You can test and play online games for companies. They can pay you for testing for glitches and errors in their games. The pay can be nice, but you have to qualify to become a game tester first.

GG2U.org- Here you can earn rewards by playing mini-games, taking surveys, browsing videos, and completing offers!

GoDaddy Affiliate Program- You can earn extra money by selling domains, hostings, and more. If you have a niche of targeted audience that’s interested in this, this would be a great affiliate program to promote.

Google Business Reviews- You can earn around $5-$10 for selling Google business reviews to businesses. Surprisingly, there’s even a market for that.

Google Ads and Drop-Shipping- You can create your dropshipping website and promote it using Google ads aiming at a targeted audience.

Google Ads and Affiliate Marketing- You can sell affiliate programs using Google AdWords. You can promote your links but you would first need to cloak them to prevent your account from being disabled.

Google Ads and Lead Generation- You can figure out Google Ads and target consumers for leads.

Google Ads and CPA- For this one, you create a landing page and promote to audiences for CPA offers. You might have to cloak your link if necessary.

Google Opinion Rewards- In Google Opinion Rewards, you are provided with questions and surveys to answer. Google will pay you for answering them.

Graphic Design- There’s a market for people buying infographics and logo design every day. You can find clients and sell them your service. Even I’m in search of designers.

Grindabuck- You can complete tasks like filling out surveys or trying out new apps. You will be rewarded with points in which can be redeemed for Bitcoin, PayPal, Amazon gift card, Walmart gift card, etc. For every 100 points is worth $1.


Hilton Affiliate Program- You can make money from advertising Hilton’s brand. You can get a nice commission if you have a travel blog where audiences are looking for places to stay and travel to, then this is the perfect program for you.

Hostgator Affiliate Program- If you have an audience for people that are interested in web hosting, then this affiliate is for you. 

Hostpapa Affiliate Program- Similar to HostGator, you can advertise this affiliate to people that are interested in web hosting.

Hotels.com Affiliate Program- If you have a travel blog, then you can advertise to consumers that are looking for places to stay. You will get a commission after your referral made a booking.

Hotwire Affiliate Program- If you have an audience for traveling and think they can benefit from travel discounts, you can make a nice income from this program.


IBotta- A service where you get paid for shopping using IBotta. You can get 2-3 dollars per referral sign-up.

InboxDollars- You can earn points in which can be redeemed for money here for completing tasks such as surveys, playing mini-games, etc.

InstaGC- You can get points for watching video ads, completing surveys, etc. You can trade it in for rewards like money.

Instagram Dropshipping- After finding a reliable supplier for your product, you will add them to your store and be the middle-man for your consumers. You will charge higher than the original price you get it for. You will have to create value for your item because that’s how you build trust. A video is recommended.

Instagram Influencer Marketing- This method will take time and patience. Once you achieve a huge amount of followers with high engagement, you can promote products or sell shoutouts on your account. You can charge $5 for a shoutout to 10,000 followers. $50 for a shoutout to 100,000 followers and $500 to a shoutout of 1,000,000 followers.

Instagram Account Flipping- You can find a large account to purchase and resell it to users for a higher price. You can find marketplaces online. There are stories of users buying accounts for $300 and reselling it around $1000+

Instagram Account Username Flipping- You can buy Instagram usernames for the price you’re content with and resell them for a higher price. There are many companies looking for the right names to fit them. One letter usernames can go for $3,000+

Instagram Affiliate Marketing- For this method, you will need a website with an affiliate program. You can automate your account to customers or use Instagram ads. You can also buy shoutouts for your product. You will have to keep scaling and finding what works. Your links should be cloaked since Instagram is against having affiliate links.

Instagram CPA- You will partner up with a CPA company and browse for offers. You will then create landing pages and get users to sign up, fill out surveys, or download apps to get rewarded/paid. Your links should also be cloaked.

Instagram Lead Generation- You will be using an automation tool to be capture leads online from targeting geographic locations/hashtags.

IRazoo: Watch Videos and Earn- You can earn money for completing daily activities such as watching videos and playing games.

IStockPhotos- You can earn money for selling the rights to your images on this stock.


JustAnswer- You can make money answering questions that people have. Most questions pay between $2 to $5 but it also depends on the expertise.


Keyword Selling- You can do your own keyword research to find the best combination of keywords for businesses. There are businesses out there that are in need of this service.

Kindle Ebook Selling- Simple! You can write an ebook and publish it on Kindle. If the book is advertised correctly and the readers love it, you can make tons of cash. There have been stories of people making $100k+


Lead Generation and Selling- You will figure out how to capture leads and sell them out to salespeople. You can make anywhere between $5 to $200 per lead depending on the quality of the lead.

Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program- You will earn a commission every time a person completes a quote through your referral link. The service provides insurance from car insurance to many more.

Link Building for Clients- In this method, you will be link building for your client’s website. There’s a market for this because every person with a website wants to rank on Google for organic traffic.

LinkedIn Lead Generation- For lead generation on this social platform, you will have an automation tool. You can either capture the leads for yourself or sell them to businesses.

Listverse- A platform that has a list of many different types of subjects. You can create your own list and submit it to this platform. Once approved, you will get paid.

Lyft Referral Program- Once you’re registered with Lyft, you can obtain a promo code to share with people. You can get a commission off of this for every person that register or use your credit for Lyft.


Marriott Affiliate Program- If you have a travel niche, you can promote your referral to your audience where they can book hotels at the Mariott for travels. You can get a nice commission off of this.

Medium’s Partner Program- As a Medium partner, you can earn money for sharing your articles and expertise with people throughout the platform. If you love writing, this might be the perfect program for you.

Movie Website- When you’re an owner of a movie website, you can earn a lot of money. Just realize that this method is competitive so you will have to use your marketing skills to get noticed.

MusicBed- If you’re a music producer, you can apply to become an artist on MusicBed selling your music license. 

Music Vine- You can earn money and royalty selling your music license to people from around the world.

MyPoints- You can earn points in which can be redeemed for money by shopping at stores from around your area such as Walmart, etc.

MySurvey- This is an online survey community in which members can influence products every day. Although their reputation is quite low, you can earn a little beer money from this site.


Narrate Audiobooks- There aren’t many books out in the world that is narrated. You can earn good money narrating books because this is quite high in demand.

Netflix Content Tagger- Once you apply for this position at Netflix, you can watch shows and movies on Netflix and tagging the right videos. For example, if it’s a children’s film, you would tag it in films for children.

NetQuote Affiliate Program- With NetQuote’s insurance affiliate program, you can get a commission once a person submits a quote. If you have an audience that is trying to find an insurance program, then this affiliate is the right one for you.

Nielsen- With Nielsen, you can get rewarded for just using your phone. They do research on the latest mobile trends to see what you’re searching for.


Opinion Outpost- This survey community rewards their user for filling in surveys and rewards are usually in points or money.


PayTime- You can earn money from this website for completing small tasks. They’re also rewarding users upon registration. 

PeoplePerHour- As a freelancer registered to this website, you can earn money completing tasks and projects for consumers. It’s very similar to Fiverr and Upwork.

Perk.TV- You can earn money from this platform when you watch videos, play trivia, and searching the web on your engine. 

Phone App Development- When you’re a developer, you can create phone apps and make money from the app store. You will need to learn the right promotional methods to get installers first. Be creative!

Phone App Subscriptions- When you own an app, you can add subscription plans for however much you like. If you have 1,000 subscribers at $1 per month, that’s $1,000 a month of recurring payments!

Phone App Advertisements- When you have a free app in the store that is extremely popular, you can place advertisement banners and get pay for every time a person clicks your ad.

Phone App Surveys/Rewards- You can develop a phone app in which users will fill in surveys for you. You can make a great income from this. Instead of filling out the surveys, you have users fill in the surveys for you. Both sides will get rewarded.

Phone App Selling Game Currency/Points- When you have a phone app that’s a game, you can sell game currency for skins or edits. It can also be pay-to-win but many users dislike that. An example is “Clash of Clans.”

Pinecone Research- You get paid for voicing your opinions in surveys and each survey can pay you anywhere between $3 to $5. Pinecone uses a point system where every 100 points are equivalent to $1.

Priceline Affiliate Program- For a traveling audience, you can promote traveling products to earn a commission with Priceline affiliate program.

PrizeRebel Surveys and Rewards- I used this survey website 10 years ago when I was a kid. I’m actually quite surprised that it’s still going. You can fill out surveys on here to earn points and get rewards like gaming consoles to gift cards.

Podcast- You can start your own podcast and share inspiring or amazing stories to listeners. When you have a great number of listeners, companies or businesses will offer you money to promote them on your podcast.

ProForm Affiliate Program- When you have a targeted audience towards fitness, you can apply for this affiliate program to promote their workout machines. The commission can be high because these products are high in value.

Proofread Articles- There are many websites and companies out there hiring people that are strong in their grammar. They can pay you from $0.01 to $0.05 per word. It all depends on your level and how well you are at grammar.


QuickBooks Affiliate Program- For this affiliate program, you will be promoting software that can help track income and expenses. There are many tools in this feature and is mainly used for businesses.

Quora Lead Generation- You will be using Quora ads to capture leads for yourself or selling the leads to salespeople or any niche related companies.

Quora Answers for Clients- Fun fact but there is actually a market out there where customers will pay you to answer questions using your link in the description. It’s a great way for people to get backlinks and traffic to their website. This method is very effective. You can earn as much as $1 each depending on the quality of your answer.

Quora Affiliate Marketing- You can sign up with any affiliate program and look for questions that are niche related. Once you found a question, you can add value to the product and add a link to the question. Please note that Quora removes spam so having unique content is a must.

Quora CPA- You can apply for CPA programs and create your landing page. Once you get there, you can start answering questions and promoting your CPA offer where users will have to unlock to see the rest of the content.

Quora Partner Program- The Quora partner program recruits random users from around the world. If you’re a Quora user, make sure to check your email regularly because you could be invited. You will get paid when users view your questions. You get paid by how many times a user views it rather than the number of questions asked. There are cases where several people are making thousands every month.


Reddit Dropshipping- You can promote your store link on Reddit but be warn that users on Reddit are extremely smart and can smell your promotions from a mile away. You will have to add value if you’re promoting on a subreddit. It has to not seem like you’re promoting but rather adding value.

Reddit Lead Generation- You can generate leads on Reddit if you have the right strategy. There are many subreddits to target. You can also use ads too but ads aren’t as effective. Once you capture leads, you can resell them to law companies, solar panels, etc.

Reddit Quizzes- Once you have your quiz site up and running, you can promote your quiz on subreddits and earn money from having ads placed on there. There are various ways to generate money from quizzes.

Reddit Affiliate Marketing- You can partner up with an affiliate program and promote your store on subreddits or you can use ads. You don’t want to straight up promote the affiliate link but rather add it on an article on your website. It creates value and also prevents your posts from getting flagged.

Reddit Subreddit Flipping- You can build your own subreddit or purchase a subreddit from users that no longer have the motives to run them. You can resell it for a higher price depending on how much you get it for. There are users that are making this a full-time job.

Reddit Postings- There are companies out there that will pay you to post on subreddits for them with their business links. The quality of your posts will determine the price of each posting. You can get anywhere between $1 to $5 a post.

Relationship Hero- You can apply as a professional to listen to people around the world about their relationship issue. If you’re a good listener and helper, you can make a decent income from this website.


Search Engine Evaluator-  As a search engine evaluator, you can work at home, when you like, and you can work a little or a lot. You can get pay as much as $15 for an hour. You’re basically helping design a better search algorithm.

Shopify Website Building- There are many startups happening on a daily basis. Drop shipping has become really popular and there are many people that are inexperienced with Shopify. People will pay you to help them build their stores and you can make serious cash if you have enough clients.

ShutterStock Selling Images- If you’re a photographer and have a camera, you can sell your photos to ShutterStock. If photo if your hobby, you can make some cash with your photographs.

SlaveLabour- SlaveLabour is a subreddit where you can complete tasks for users at a cheap rate. The subreddit is well run by the mods so you can make a quick buck.

SliceThePie: Get Paid For Your Opinion- You can listen to music from underground artists and write a review and opinion about their songs. The pay is low, but it’s another way to get some beer.

Snapchat CPA- You can use Instagram automation to get Snapchat friends. When you tons of Snapchat friends, you can promote your CPA offer on Snap and there have been users making tens of thousands of dollars.

SimpleSite Affiliate Program- If you know someone that’s in need of a website, you can refer them to SimpleSite and make money from when they purchase a plan. 

Site123 Affiliate Program- You can promote your referral link on your web page and will get a commission when they purchase a plan.

SiteGround Affiliate Program- SiteGround has one of the cheapest web hostings and your best target audience will be new website owners. New users are more likely to start off with the cheapest and SiteGround perfectly fits that description.

Society6 Selling Artwork- You can sell your artwork on Society6. My cousin is currently doing this. If you’re an artist, this is a great side gig for you.

SolidGigs- With solid gigs, you can make a lot of money especially as a freelancer. This is a great opportunity for you if you want to provide your service. This gig is fairly similar to Fiverr and Upwork.

SoundBetter- If you’re a sound producer/mixer you can get paid for helping people mix their songs or giving your license to a song.

Survey Junkie- Here, you fill out surveys and earn points to be redeemed for rewards such as money. This is similar to PrizeRebel.

Swagbucks- You can download the Swagbucks app and perform surveys and app installs. You will get points for this as well and redeem for money or gifts.

Swagbucks Referral Program- When you recruit another person to Swagbucks, you will earn 10% of their earnings for life. You can find many ways to recruit people from making videos or writing blogs.

Swagbucks Automation- This method is risky but there is a tool where you can automate Swagbucks survey and have the bots make the money for you.


TaskRabbit- You can complete tasks in your local area to earn money. From mounting TV to the wall or moving boxes. There are various tasks.

Teespring and Advertising- You can create your own t-shirt design and promote using social media ads. There are people who have made over $100,000+

Teachers Pay Teachers- You can be a content creator that has a course plan for students. Teachers from around the world will purchase these courses from you to showcase to their students.

TextBroker Content Writing- You can signup with TextBroker and write articles and content for people around the world. I have done this myself and registration can take from days to weeks. They will pay you from $0.01 per word to $0.05 per word.

Transcribing Audio and Interviews- There are companies out there that will pay you to transcribe their audio into texts. You can get pay as much as $15 an hour.

TravelPayouts Affiliate Program- This affiliate will pay you when your audience purchase travel products from your promotion.

TravelOCity Affiliate Program- Similar to TravelPayouts, you can get a commission for promoting travel products after your audience makes a purchase. These are for mainly flight tickets.

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program- For TripAdvisor affiliate program, you will be promoting travel deals to your audience. For every sale, you will get a commission.

TopTenz- You can be a content creator writing articles for a list of top ten on any subjects.

TransUnion Partnership Program- You can help enhance customer’s credit and for every qualified customer, you will be receiving a commission.

TRX Affiliate Program- You can become an affiliate for this fitness page and earn cash. You will have to send fitness related audience and will receive a commission every time they purchase.

Twitch Live Streaming- As a Twitch streamer, you can earn money from each prime sub. They are usually charged $5 but you will receive $2.49 for every sub. They can also make donations to you but you have to provide quality content. Many Twitch streamers are doing this full-time.

Twitter Quizzes- Once you have your quiz site up and running, you can promote your quiz on your Twitter to earn money from having ads placed on there. There are various ways to generate money from quizzes.

Twitter Influencer Marketing- Once you have a large following base for Twitter, you can promote for blog writers, products, or other accounts by selling your shoutouts. Bloggers like me look for these kinds of service all the time.

Twitter CPA- You can register with a CPA program and promote your website on there. You will earn a commission once they try to complete a survey or install an app to access your website.

Twitter Lead Generation- You can use Twitter automation to target specific hashtags and generate leads for your business or sell them to consumers. The demand for leads is high in the market.

Twitter Dropshipping- For Twitter drop shipping, you will need a website and a product ready. Once you find your product and it’s listed on your website, you can promote it to your audience and sell them. You can also use Twitter ads if that is more effective for you. You’re basically the middle-man in this situation.


Uber Referral Program- When you’re signed up with Uber, you can obtain a code where you can promote to people who haven’t already register. It’s profitable. You can use the credit to use for Uber as well. There are stories of people at concerts or bars promoting a business card with their Uber referral code on it.

Udemy Courses- You can create your own courses and sell on Udemy online. It can only be profitable if your content is high quality and you’re promoting to the right audience. Remember, there’s a demand for almost anything.

Upwork- I have registered with Upwork before. You can look for gigs and projects online where people are requesting. Once you find the right project that fits your expertise, you can apply and work on that certain gig for the consumers.


Virtual Assistant- Many businesses online are looking for virtual assistants. You can become a writer for their blog, manage their social media accounts, etc. There are many jobs and how much you get pay depends on how well you are at your job. 

Voice Impression Service- If you’re a voice actor/actress, you can offer to do voice impression for consumers online. There are people that charge $1 per sentence or even more. It all depends on who you’re dealing with. If you’re GREAT, this can be a profitable business.


Website Monthly Subscription- If you believe that your website is valuable to where users would pay to use it, you can have a monthly subscription for your website depending on what it is. If you charge 1,000 users $1 for every month, that’s $1,000 residual income.

Website Tester- There are newly websites out there where you can test out their site for bugs and they will pay you for every bug. It can also be from a popular website as well. There’s a person that made $3,000 from finding just a Facebook bug.

Weebly Affiliate Program- If you believe that your niche has an audience that is trying to learn to start their own website for free, you can promote your Weebly affiliate link. You will get a commission once they have selected a plan.

WordPress Website Building- Even for me, I’m looking for WordPress professionals. There are many companies and businesses out there that will hire you to help improve or enhance their websites. You can help increase speed, fix bugs, etc. If you’re a professional, you can make tons of money from this.

WordPress Plug-in Subscription- You can create your own WordPress plug-in and sell them to the store. There are not many apps and the demand is high but you would also have to create quality unique apps. This can be profitable if you know how to code for WordPress plug-in apps.

WP Affiliate Program- Many people would recommend using WordPress to start a website. If you have a market for this, you can refer using your affiliate link to many of the users that are trying to start.



YouTube AdSense- If you’re into content creating for videos, you can get money from placing ads on your videos. You have to be consistent and create quality content unless you got lucky like me. I posted a video back in 2015 and it reached 284,000 views. With 284,000 views, I earned $84 from it. It was a test experiment to give you an idea.

YouTube Affiliate Marketing- When your YouTube channel grows, you can promote your affiliate offers on your channel but don’t place your affiliate link. Instead, place your website with your affiliate offer on it. People and many social media platforms look down on straight up affiliate links.

YouTube CPA- You can either do this the black hat way or the white hat way. The white hat way is promoting your unique content on your website and have users complete an action to gain access. The black hat is commenting on other videos or promoting it in an unethical way on YouTube.

YouTube Influencer Marketing- When you gain large subscriptions, companies will reach out to you to influence their products or brand. You will get paid for every thousand views it gets or every product they choose to buy. How you choose to influence is all up to you.

YouTube Music Live Streaming- You can start a YouTube live-streaming video on YouTube for music. An example would be Lofi Hip Hop. People love having their favorite music on 24/7. Restaurants use this. You can do this and get tons of viewers but it’ll take lots of time to build up. You have to be patient. There are videos that have been live streaming for months and are making tons of money from promoting offers and such.

Yelp Business Reviews- You can sell Yelp reviews to businesses in your local area. You have to be careful because of their algorithm. They can easily detect a fake review. I have learned the right way and made thousands of dollars from 2017 to 2018.



Last Updated: 6/26/2019 Hope You Enjoyed The Ways To Make Money During The Summer!


4 Factors of Motivation: Guide You Must Read

Introduction: Define The Word, Motivation?

Motivation Guide: When you talk about motivation, what do you think about? While the meaning of the word motivation, “the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way,” there’s much more in-depth to this vocabulary than what you would normally hear. Without motivation, it’s difficult to reach your goals or success in your definitional terms. What motivates you to get up every day with that spark of fire in you? What gets you to study or take action towards the success of your goals? Motivation. 

  • What’s my motivation for writing this blog? To provide users with useful content, grow my website, and achieve my monthly visitors of 10,000 one day.
  • What’s your motivation to read this blog? To learn about motivation and how it could help you become successful.

This article will be providing you in-depth research about the motivational factors and a deeper meaning. This video inspired me so I had to share with you:

Let’s continue…

The Motivational Factors- Definition:

In most cases for this motivation guide, it usually begins with needs and why. Why are you attending school? Why am I working at this terrible job? Why should I lose weight? Why? It turns out, each and every one of us is motivated by one or two of the six motivating factors.

What is Motivation and its Type? Motivational Terms:

  • Truth: Individuals who are strong in the truth factor or what we call truth passionate are all about learning the right answers. These are usually the people who are trying to pursue higher education. They’re usually the ones that are answering the questions on why certain situations work the right way.


  • Power: Power passionate individuals are highly focused on their role. They’re usually the ones wondering of how they can influence the outcome of their authority.


  • Results: People who are results passionate focus on things like the final total of an account. They want to know about the return on investments (ROI) such as starting a business, investments, and projects. They want to invest their time and spend their money strategically.


  • Assistance: The people that are assistance passionate mainly focus on help or assisting other people. They usually find other people and figure out what their needs are.


  • Form: The 5th factor is form-passionate. They’re usually the people that are highly attentive to their own subjective experience. It’s most likely that it’s the experience with people and things around them or the experience of cooperation and harmony on a team. It could be a decorated house or garden. There’s something about form-passionate people that usually have to be something positive.


  • Structure: The structure passionate individuals are motivated to find a constant straightforward repeatable way of getting things done. They usually produce the same results equally over and over again. They usually follow the rules and guiding principles

motivational quote


Why do structure passionate individuals can sometimes have conflicts with truth passionate people? 

  1. When a structure passionate person is all about doing the same thing the right way every time but a truth-passionate is finding the right way to do things, you have changes. That’s going to start a conflict.

Why do power passionates sometimes have problems with result passionates?

  1. If the person has power or authority over you at a work environment but all you care about is doing what’s best for the outcome, there’s going to be conflict.

Motivation Guide: What can you do?

You can’t change a person’s motivation but you can help the situation by learning about their motivation.

  1. You can learn what motivates another person by asking the question, why? You can ask a person why they’re an environmentalist if they tell you that they like the experience of trees and nature, they’re a form passionate. If he thinks that because whoever controls the natural resources controls the world, he’s a power passionate.

Are You a Motivator? How Do You Know Who Is a Motivator?

  • When a person is a motivator, they provide a reason for themselves or another person to do something. Being a motivator can impact your life in a tremendous way and when you help others around you become successful, then that’s what makes you successful.

leadership and motivating

Motivation Guide- Examples of a Motivator:

Boss: Andy, you seem to be having trouble meeting your deadlines.

Andy: Yes, I get distracted and can hardly stay on top of them.

Boss: We know that your ability to stick to your schedule can be difficult for our business department. Because of that situation, I would like to sit down with you to make sure to help you focus and agree on priorities. We can brainstorm different solutions and determine the resources I can use to help you with your problem.

Andy: (Andy feels understood by his boss) Thank you, boss. I want to do a great job, but I have tons of responsibilities to maintain. I don’t know what to work on first.

Boss: My schedule is pretty tight within the next few days. Why don’t we meet around dinner time around 8 PM? Does that sound good to you?

Andy: Sounds great!

motivational meme


Drive and Motivation:

While motivation is the willingness to do something, the drive is the starting point of motivation. When we discuss motivation, we discuss the settings and goals. When we discuss drive, we discuss our personal drive and what helps us focus on the betterment of our goals.

Are you a motivator? I hope you’re motivating many people around you in this world. Life can be tough for some. People can lack motivation and with your ability to motivate them, can help exceed their limits in life.

Are you a demotivator? I hope you’re surrounded by motivators because life can be gloomy sometimes, and having a motivator in your life can be drastic changes to your future. I came from this at a point in life. Think of the “Butterfly Effect.” One little change can change your life drastically forever.

bruce lee quote


This is your motivation guide. Sometimes, we need a little motivation in our lives and that’s okay. If you’re having a difficult time, have someone there for you. If you want to be alone, have something that motivates you whether it’s videos or podcasts. Success is waiting for you on the other side of the fence. 






Case Study in Research- Achieving 10,000 Visitors Per Month

My Journey Begins:

After seeing the amount of success with people in the blogging world, I decided to focus on blogging myself. My goal by the end of this year is to achieve 10,000 monthly visitors. I would say 100,000 but 10,000 is more realistic where I’m at. This will be my documented case study in research until the last day of December 2019.

Before we get into it, if you’re a blogger: Feel free to follow me on my journey 24/7 in Discord blog group for tips and advice.

June 5th, 2019:

My current goal is fairly simple, I’m trying to achieve 10,000 monthly visitors to this blog. I believe that this is a realistic goal and am trying to push in at least 1-2 blog articles per day. Last week, my website was rank 14,000,000 on Alexa website rankings.

Now, I am at 9,300,000. I still have a very long way to go and I will do what I can to achieve the highest in the ranking. I will work towards Google’s favor.

Results from June 5th, 2019:

Screenshotted from my iPhone, this is today’s stats. I can say I’m pretty content to see that I’m getting more viewers every day. Most of my traffic is coming from Reddit and Quora, which is great. I also have one traffic that came from Search Engine, which is exciting because my goal is to get as much traffic from Search Engine as possible. I hope this traffic will somehow rank my website higher in Google.

Top Countries:

As you can see, most of my traffic is US targeted audience. I’m aiming to focus specifically US viewers because I believe in the long run, I will have a higher conversion rate. It looks like that is heading in the right direction so far.

Problems that needed to be solved:

Lately, I’ve been receiving hundreds of comments every day from a spammer. I am figuring out how to remove this spammer because of how annoying it is to find my legit comments from actual people.

wordpress spammer

As you can see from the screenshot, this type of action is quite annoying. I tried marking as many as possible moving it to the spam box. Has anyone else been comment spam as well?

June’s Total Results:

  • Views: 442
  • Visitors: 265

My Struggles:

Right now, one of my biggest struggles is ranking on the website. I have around 15 articles posted and this case study research will be my 16th. I want to have at least 100-150 articles by the end of this year. Let’s hope I can achieve that!

I am also starting a full-time job soon, which could affect my schedule on writing. I will have to try to make it work if I want to achieve that goal of 10,000 per month.

Keep Going Stephen Curry GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

My overall stats for my blog:

  • Total Views: 3,486
  • Total Visitors: 1,351
  • Total Likes: 9
  • Total Comments: 33
  • Articles Written: 16
  • Alexa Ranking #9,389,395
  • Word Count: 12,616
  • Followers: 5

Progress and Data (Case Study) Will be updated every day:


  • Views: 55
  • Visitors: 37
  • Likes: 9
  • Comments: 2
  • Alexa Ranking #9,389,395
  • Word Count: 12,616

What I’ve learned:

Throughout this journey, blogging has to be one of the loneliest journeys. But success to me is inevitable and I will do what it takes to achieve 10,000 monthly visitors. I will continue on this case study research for future bloggers to learn and study from.



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27 Facts on Snapchat You Didn’t Know 2019 (With GIFS)

Fun Facts For Today- Snapchat:

You’ve probably heard of this viral app for years. Enter this rocketship full of facts on Snapchat. We will be launching to your facts in 3…2…1…

Animation Domination Lol Gif By gif - Find & Share on GIPHY

Snapchat‘s initial release was about 7 years ago. Today, there are 187 million daily active visitors. With such great success, here are some fun facts on Snapchat. I will be adding several statistics about this viral phone app that you should know!

Carli Lloyd Success GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

  • Evan Spiegel mentioned that he and his partners (Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown) failed 34 times on different projects until they created Snapchat, one of the most popular apps out there today. If this isn’t inspiration, I don’t know what is. Success is all about consistency. Learn from your mistakes and keep trying until you find the pot of gold! Do you have the entrepreneur mindset in you?

Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown created Snapchat

Picaboo, Picaboo, and Picaboo…

  • Snapchat wasn’t called Snapchat when it was started. It was named Picaboo prior to Snapchat. The name change didn’t happen until 2012. What’s funnier? Asking a person for their Snapchat or asking for their Picaboo? What would it be like today if they stuck with Picaboo?
  • After a friend regretted sending an image to another person, Spiegel and Murphy added disappearing messages to the app. Let’s hope that wasn’t screenshotted!

amazing facts on snapchat 2019

  • The value of each Snapchat stock also known as Snap Inc. was $27 at an all-time high in 2017. That’s a huge market cap! The current value now during the time of this post is, unfortunately, cut in half. Is it a good time to get in the Snap Inc stock? Who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next the Wolf of Wallstreet if you invest in it now! (this is not financial advice so invest at your own risk)
  • The average time each user spends on Snapchat equals to about 30 minutes per day. It doesn’t seem like it’s a lot of time but every time you open it, the time adds up!

Surprised Kenan Thompson GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

  • Users worldwide send over at least 3 billion Snapchats every day! That’s at least 6 million gigabytes of images per day not including videos. Yes! I did the math.
  • Mark Zuckerberg tried to purchase the rights to Snapchat in 2013 for $1 billion. The offer was declined by the team. Zuckerberg offered $3 billion a few months after and was yet again, declined.

How many users does Snapchat have? Let’s hear it out:

  • As of right now, Snapchat has at least 301 million monthly active users.
  • At least 25% of all reported phone users claim to be using the viral app. How many people do you know that uses Snapchat? Basically, every Millenials that I know today.
  • Snapchat makes a revenue of $1.68 for every user. How do they make money from Snapchat users? It’s all in the ads!
  • How long do you think it’ll take you to view every single Snapchats in the world that were sent in the last hour? 10 YEARS. So 24 hours would take you approximately 240 whopping years! To view one week’s worth of Snapchats equals to about 1,680 years for a single person. And one month’s worth equals to about 7,200 years. That’s almost 72 lifetimes. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Cocktail Vodka GIF by The Maury Show - Find & Share on GIPHY

Wait, there’s more… Snapchat Filter Gender Swap?

  • Snapchat is a filter for you to see what you look like as the opposite gender! Some people are curious.
  • One of my favorite facts on Snapchat is about a recent statistic that shows what most images are of. You can take a guess. That’s right! They’re drinks! Who wouldn’t want to send a beautiful cocktail or an aesthetically good looking Fat Tuesday on their Snapchat? Come to think of it, most of my Snapchats from my friends are usually images or videos their drinks! And within the following hours, you’ll get drunk videos of them!
  • There was a research study that shows how 70% of Snapchat users are women. 
  • About 65% of users of Snapchat retake their selfie one to five times before sending it. Imagine how many times selfies were taken on June 21st for National Selfie Day. Did you get to have that perfect picture before sending it the way you want it? Luckily, we have filters. Let’s bring that self-esteem back up.
  • Approximately, there are at least 34,722 photos and videos being shared every second. If you’re sleeping for 8 hours a day, at least 999,993,600 Snaps are sent. Mind-blown? Source

34,722 Photos and Videos? That’s INSANE! Are you from California? Here are facts of California in regards to Snapchat. Surprise below:

  • Did you know that the Snapchat Headquarters are in Pacific Palisades, California? I’m from California and have never heard of Pacific Palisades. After I did some research, they’re located in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles (now I have a general idea).

amazing facts on snapchat 2019

  • Speaking of Los Angeles, Snapchat also leased more than 20 properties in Venice Beach! Above is an image of one of their properties.
  • On the Snapchat – Terms of Service, They mentioned to never send Snaps to anyone that doesn’t want to receive. How many people are doing it for the streaks every day or recording their friends do embarrassing things and sending them to strangers?
  • For Snapchat alone, there are over 2,800 employees working for the company. That’s an army of workers they have.
  • As of June 2019, Snapchat successfully reached over 90% of all 13-24 year-olds in America. These are such insane numbers. What’s even more mindblowing is that they reached 75% of 13-34 year-olds.
  • Ever since the released of Snapchat streaks, the longest streak in the world recorded surpassed 1400+ days. How many streaks do you have? My longest streak was 196 days and losing it feels like a life long project that’s just been destroyed.

Thank U GIF by Mauro Gatti - Find & Share on GIPHY

And that’s all folks! These are some interesting fun facts to know. More facts about Snapchat will be added soon!

The usage of the viral app, Snapchat, is becoming more popular every day. I hope you enjoy these fun facts and statistics. If you have any more facts, feel free to comment below so I can add it to the article.

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  • https://investor.snap.com/news-releases/2019/04-23-2019-210911329
  • https://investor.snap.com/company-profile
  • and of course, https://www.google.com/



ALERT! June 2019 Core Update “Search Algorithm of Google”

Search Algorithm of Google: On Monday, June 3rd, 2019, Google published an announcement on Twitter that Google’s Core Update is occurring over the coming days:

“The June 2019 Core Update is now live and rolling out to our various data centers over the coming days.”

Google Seach Liaison, the official Twitter account for news on Google’s June 2019 Core Update will be updating users when there’s a change.

Google SearchLiason published an announcement the day before the Core Date went live:

“Tomorrow, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the June 2019 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before.

Please see this tweet for more about that:”

Google Search Liason quoted an old tweet from nine months ago on October 11, 2018. It was an update about updates.

The tweet’s announcement from June 2, 2019:

“Tomorrow, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the June 2019 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before.

Please see this tweet for more about that:”

The quoted tweet from October 11, 2018:

“Here’s an update about updates — updates to our search algorithms. As explained before, each day, Google usually releases one or more changes designed to improve our results. Most have little noticeable change but help us continue to incrementally improve search….”

June 2019 Core Update “Search Algorithm of Google”

Google stated that there is nothing to repair and it’s due to the fact that the core algorithm update may not, for the most part, be about targeting strictly on low-quality websites but rather, help improve the relevancy score of the content.

When Google shows users better relevant results, they are understanding search queries, Google (search for image),  and understanding valuable written content rather than including spam in those search results.

These updates are normally the kind of update for improving Google’s understanding of search queries and helping Google improve its web pages to give the user more relevant search results. They don’t want anything spammy that doesn’t relate to your search.

June 2019 Core Update “Search Algorithm of Google” What do you do?

While Google’s official guidance is to not take any actions towards this update, there are several things to consider:

  1. Google stated that there is nothing to repair.
  2. Google’s updates usually take weeks, so don’t assume what happened.
  3.  Google’s core update don’t focus on specific niches.
  4. This is more of a broad core algorithm update, so it’s not just focused on the site’s quality.

Google mentioned that there are usually about 500 small updates per year, but because of the announcing for this update, it could be something huge in a way that could alter websites in the rankings. We won’t know definitely until the next couple weeks. This post will be updated if there are changes, so feel free to subscribe and stay tuned within the next few weeks.


Check out my most recent article: What do rich people buy that ordinary people know nothing about?and The mindset of an entrepreneur


The Mindset of an Entrepreneur

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur:

When you have the mindset of an entrepreneur, sacrificing your valuable time and money can be a daunting decision. You have heaps of ideas but not sure about where to start. You have to constantly make decisions. You keep failing but continue trying. You run out of resources but continue scavenging. Your loved ones will constantly tell you to find a real career path, but you’re already extremely positive that you’re not going to retire at the age of 65. You lose your motivation halfway through your journey, yet you search for motivational videos to help you exceed your limits.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily mean that you made it. People have different perspectives when it comes to being an entrepreneur. In my perspective, I believe an entrepreneur besides from taking large risks for success is an individual that doesn’t give up in order to achieve their dreams. Every person in this world has their own complication and struggle but what they do to achieve it all depends on them.

The reason why most millionaires are millionaires today is that they kept trying. They battled through their complications to find solutions to their problems. With the knowledge they have, they use their money to make more money!

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur: Utilize Your Resources!

When you’re at the early stages of entrepreneurship prior to discovering that pot of gold, your biggest challenge could most likely be resources. You could run out of funds for your ad campaign(s) for dropshipping or getting leads. You could be working a full-time job with not enough time invested in your project(s). You could be a student that’s extremely studious with hardly any time for yourself. There are many factors and reasons that can prevent you or slow you down from achieving success.

Eventually, your trial and error won’t be the only thing adding up but also your knowledge from learning. Part of being an entrepreneur when you’re low on funds is learning how to utilize your resources. While some projects require spendings, there are many free ways and tutorials out there and that is the beauty of the internet. Your greatest advantage to success is your motivation, time, resources, and consistency.

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur: Motivation and Inspiration!

There will be times where you will struggle and completely stuck. I did. Your life problems can divert your emotions in a different direction. There will be gloomy days where you lack motivation and not sure about what to do with your life. There will be days where you’re hype and continue on. For those lacking motivation, my suggestion is to read up case studies on your projects. You can read their journey to success. You can search up motivational and inspirational videos. Many entrepreneurs came from a difficult life, yet they made it to where they are because of that spark of fire in them. You want to carry that spark from beginning to end.

There was a time in my life where I lack motivation. I would watch this video about Allen Wong, a person around my age. When I’m at my lowest point in life, this video about Allen Wong being able to afford a Lamborghini from being extremely poor inspired me to continue and keep going.

You have to find the spark of your motivation and inspiration and it will do you more good than bad to achieving success. You have to mark down your small goals into achieving the bigger one. I also find writing down my daily results help me to figure out why I’m getting those results. Your motivation will become your best friend for success.

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur: Being Doubt.

The beginning stages of being an entrepreneur can be indigestible. You constantly take in negative comments about this career path that you chose. It becomes a regular thing for you and it’s up to you on whether you adapt to that environment or not. You can take these comments as your motivation to prove everyone wrong or you can take these comments and doubt yourself.

In 2017, I made a nice income from digital marketing thinking that people would believe in me. I was wrong. I was still doubt. I eventually learned to adapt to my environment and take every comment as motivation whether it is good or bad. I learned to be optimistic and confident about my future. I learned it the hard way.

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur: The Loneliest Journey.

You are choosing this path because you want a greater future but this journey can really get lonely and depressing. You’re sacrificing a lot of your time to improve your projects every day of your life and constantly canceling plans with your friends. You are sitting in your room, at the coffee shop, or in your school library planning your next move on the road to success every day. You become the black sheep in your life because you are willing to sacrifice while others are living a normal life.

Don’t overwork yourself. Sometimes, reward yourself and go out with friends because it can be a great impact on your health. Be consistent but balance things out.

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur: The Sacrifice.

Unless you truly enjoy entrepreneurship as a hobby or a sport, being an entrepreneur requires many sacrifices in your life. You sacrifice the time to go out, you sacrifice money for advertising spends, or you sacrifice your time with your family and loved ones. How you choose to balance your life is all up to you but understand that there’s a lot more sacrificing involve at the beginning stages of being an entrepreneur. Sometimes it can lead to negative emotions which is why I highly recommend balancing your life out.

The Mindset of an Entrepreneur: Mission Accomplished!

You finally made it and achieve your goals. You gained tons of knowledge from your project(s). Now what? Your group of circles will change as you advance to different levels of wealth. You have the freedom (if you earned a livable income from your project) to enhance your projects or create new ones with a similar process that helped your original one succeed. When my old boss made his first million, his goal was to be innovative and create different streamlines of income. He wanted to hit $10 million next.

After you succeed on your first project, the bus of opportunities should be waiting for you to get in. Enjoy this long difficult journey and continue on to your success. Your money is your experience points in a game. You will learn many valuable lessons from your journey as you level up as an entrepreneur.

Enjoy the ride!

What Do Rich People Buy That Others Don’t Know About?

For some reason, an individual I know attracts many rich people in the world to his life. He doesn’t do anything marvelous nor extraordinary. He’s not famous or celebrity type. His friendship with these billionaires and the rich people gave him the opportunity of spending time with many successful bright-minded people that are extremely high net worth. He’s spent time with eight different billionaires. He’s dated one of the daughters of a billionaire years ago and has gotten a peek into the luxurious lifestyle. My old boss’ boss is the richest person living in Vietnam. I learned about their struggles and their goals.  I learned how they live their lives and struggles were before they were rich. In this article, I will be explaining the levels of wealth and lifestyle.

There are different levels of wealth. The article will be more focused on the levels of wealth, the mindset of an entrepreneur, and rich people in America. These are my first-hand knowledge:

Wealth Level 1 “Creating Streamlines of Income”- $50,000 to $100,000:

At this level, you’re most likely starting off with ideas and slowly building an empire. With $50,000 in your bank, you’re already in the top 15.38% richest people in the world. You’re most likely investing your money into stocks/cryptocurrencies or considering a start-up. You want to create streamlines of income while brainstorming every night in your apartment or your parents’ house. You’re living a decent life but are still trying to survive. You’re probably still working at your 9-5 job with the boss you hate and thinking extremely hard on your plans and future. Your desire and motivation sometimes can be depression and sadness. You fight and battle this battle to achieve your goals.

You have a list of side projects hoping for it to succeed so you can become your own boss one day. You tell yourself every day that you will retire at an early age. You fail and fail consecutively but never quit. You probably hit the bar or reward yourself with something nice to enjoy on a once in a while. You tell yourself that money buys everything while others tell you it doesn’t. You set goals after goals. You meet with other entrepreneurs and learning new ways and using their knowledge to push yourself into the next level of wealth. With such a unique mindset, you realize that aiming to be one of the rich people will be one of loneliest journeys in the world.

Wealth Level 2 – $100,001 to $1,000,000:

Congratulations! You made it past $100,000. Whether it’s your cryptocurrency skyrocketing or your start-up became a success, you have finally made it to level 2. At this range of wealth, you achieve a feeling of near financial freedom. You have more time for yourself so you brainstorm more projects. More money equals more experience. You have more time to focus on your work and hobbies. You can live your life with less stress and burden when you used to live from paycheck to paycheck. You have decent savings. You can travel and learn. Remember the time when you wanted to work full time on your blog, photography, dance, or music? You have the time to work on it now. You have more time, but you are still careful with your money because you’re aiming to achieve level 3.

At this point, you are likely getting to know businessmen and many entrepreneurs. Your networking is starting to expand. Your start-up and business decision can be risky because you can lose money or gain money. You continue to execute plans after plans because you crave for success. You continue to fail at your projects but you learned how to avoid your mistakes.

Wealth Level 3 – $1,000,001 to $10,000,000:

Here you are still learning more ways to increase your net-worth. You are considered to be one of the rich people but to you, you’re not. You’re likely driving a nice car. You have the power to start several franchises. You own a nice house. You can manipulate market capitalization in stocks and cryptocurrencies. You have a little more power now. Other entrepreneurs and successful individuals are starting to become more aware of your success now. Your life is luxurious but you are still careful about how much you are spending because you want to achieve wealth level 4. You can start a new company and hire your own employees. You can open an office and have salespeople cold-call for your business. Life is great at this point but you want to become richer. Your business decisions can either make you money or lose your money.

Wealth Level 4 – $10,000,001 to $30,000,000:

At this level, the majority of your needs are met. Your life is comfortable. You’re almost stress-free (not including business stress because they exist at all levels). You’re living the dream. Your life is at a 4-star/5-star level. Occasionally, you can book a suite anywhere you want for around $2,000. You can sometimes travel the world flying first class. You have a great looking house, you can afford any healthcare you desire, and you’re not likely to deal with any emergency financial situation. You are not “wealthy” in a way that your net-worth doesn’t matter. You will still have to be reasonable and careful with your business decisions. The banking world and reserves still don’t classify you as ‘extremely high net worth.’

Wealth Level 5 – $30,000,001 to $100,000,000:

At this point, your network of successful people is completely different than when you had your first million dollars. You play with the bigger people; the big boys. You can fly privately. You can partially own a jet from companies like “Net Jets” or whichever it is that you’re content with. You’re traveling the world while constantly staying at 5-star hotels. You own multiple homes. Your vacation can be whatever you desire. You can travel to the richest city and celebrate Christmas for a week. You can go to Monaco for the Grand Prix. You can travel to Canne for the film festival where rent per night in these places can go for about $5,000 minimum per night.

Because of the success of your company, you have interests in other companies. You think about buying out companies or selling the ones you’re not content with. You socialize with political figures and leaders. You are a highly well-respected individual in almost any community. In Beverly Hills, you are just a casual minor player. You might not even get a reservation at the city’s hottest restaurant unless you throw around your weight. You have any selection of cars to choose from in the market for your next vehicle purchase. You have private personal assistants that are beginning to have ‘people’ that others have to speak to to get to you. You can travel anywhere in different styles. You can purchase pretty much anything that ordinary people think of it as ‘rich people stuff.’

Wealth Level 6 “The Wealth Beyond Wallstreet” – $100,000,001 to $1,000,000,000:

It sure is a wide range, but life doesn’t change much when you go from being worth $100 million to $900 million. At this point in your life, you’re likely to have your own private jet. You probably have multiple residences with your own selected staff and even nice cars at each of them. If you have an ownership or control over a well-known business that most of the public has heard of, you can socialize with celebrities or politicians. You might not get an invitation to all the parties, but you can basically go almost anywhere with your connections to powerful ‘people’ and staff. Your surroundings now are full of ‘yes men.’

Your ability to purchase valuable possessions becomes an art. One of your vacations could be a five-bedroom house in an expensive city, but that’s not truly impressive. Do you possess a mini private island? Your billionaire friend owns a nicer one. You just had breakfast with several political figures? Cool. But your billionaire friend just ate breakfast with the president. Do you have a Lamborghini? Your billionaire friend thinks their handling sucks and has a one-and-only-car in the world. You will meet many people, but it will be tough for you to emotionally connect. Friends and family who love you for who you are have become rare at this level of wealth. They exist but it’s difficult to know which person truly cares.

Wealth Level 7 – more than $1,000,000,000:

I’m not going to add a $10,000,000,000+ level because they live a head-of-state life. But when you’re at $1,000,000,000 dollars or more, your life completely changes. You can purchase anything for your desire in broad terms. You can buy influence. Influence for your brand, for a political party, or for anything you would want to bring attention and awareness to. You can buy time. You will never have to wait for anything and that includes traveling, You don’t wait for your plane because your plane waits for you. You will get to experience almost anything. If you dream of it, then you can have it. You want to shoot basketballs with famous athletes, then feel free. Your money can impact the world or changes a person’s life. You can cure a disease with the fundings you’ve provided. You will become well-respected from almost every person.

Your Perspective

Your perspective of money is different at this level. One of the richest people in the world makes $400 million per year. If you compare it to a person that makes $40,000 a year, then that’s 10,000 times more. A new Lamborgini for the successful businessman from his perspective to an ordinary working person is $23.50 when the ordinary person views it at $235,000. First class ticket internationally? The $10,000 ticket becomes $1 to the rich man’s view. A $10,000,000 piece of rare art becomes $1,000. There is nothing you can’t buy except love and time. 

You made it here. You are considered one of the rich people on this planet. What do you do next?

The perspective in the view of money has been unique in my eyes since I was a kid.  From learning about rich people’s experience, it’s almost impossible to have a regular emotional relationship at this level in wealth.

My next article will be explaining in depth about what billionaires buy. This will be an in-depth article about their access, influence, time, experiences, impact, and respect. Subscribe to my blog to get notified on my next article. I hope that this article helped you see money in a way that most people cannot. You can also contact me if you have any questions.

Comment your view on money and opinions below.


Instagram Fake Followers: “We’re Removing Inauthentic Likes and Follows”

Instagram Fake Followers Checker!

Over the course of the last several weeks, Instagram has finally caught on with the use of automation tools. These automation tools typically run a person’s Instagram account for as long as they desire. The purpose of these tools used by a majority is for botting user’s account(s) or for serving clients or for their financial gain (account growth/gaining followers and engagements). While not all third-party automation services are flagged by Instagram, a numerous amount of users are receiving a moderate warning notice from their account(s) and believe it has something to do with fake followers. With the case study recently, I believe having fake followers is just a little problem behind it. If you’re unsure on whether you have fake followers or not, you can check your Instagram account here.

It’s Risky. Be Cautious! Instagram Shadow Ban?

I had the opportunity to speak to many of the users that were hit by this warning and they all have one thing in common: using automation tools. While there are people out there that are claiming that this warning has to do with purchasing fake followers/likes, I haven’t heard of anyone being hit with this warning or receive an Instagram shadowban because of that. If you are planning on purchasing from suppliers, please understand that there’s a high risk. How you utilize these followers all depends on you. Whether it’s for social proof marketing or looking cool, there are consequences if you’re not cautious and up to date with Instagram’s algorithm.

What did Instagram’s warning say?

Instagram, one of the largest growing social media platforms with at least one billion monthly active visitors sent a notice/warning to many of the suspicious accounts:

We’re Removing Inauthentic Likes and Follows:

You may have shared your username and password with an app that offers followers or likes. We’re removing activity from these apps, such as new followers, because they violate our Community Guidelines. Please change your password to prevent your account from being disabled.

With such drastic changes especially for the number of users using these tools, Instagram’s algorithm is only improving and getting smarter every day. And because Instagram is getting smarter every day, Instagram users are more likely to be at risk when using automation services or suspicious apps.  Your first step should be changing your password for safety purposes. You’ll never know who has your account information or not. Your second step is to check which apps are authorized into your account. Remember to read their Community Guidelines before doing anything suspicious!

How do you check what apps are authorized into your Instagram?

As odd as it is, you can’t check for authorized apps on your phone application. The only way to check for the authorized applications is by going on your computer.

Once you logged in on Instagram, follow these steps in order to check your account:

  1. You will click on your profile and look for the cogwheel to the right of the “Edit Profile” and click on it. The cogwheel should look like this.
  2.  The settings menu should appear with an ‘Authorized App’ option. Now you will be able to know which third-party apps you’ve authorized.
  3. Now, you can revoke access to any suspicious tools/programs that could get you banned.

Because more and more users are receiving this warning every day, I decided to experiment with a case-study, and the results are quite interesting. I created two accounts. One test account using the automation tool and the other with fake followers and engagements being added. I was testing to see which account will get hit by that warning. I found it interesting because in most cases with everyone else, the results are similar. Here are the results:

Account One:

For test account one with the automation tool, I decided to let RoboLike (an auto-like bot), run for a week. For anyone curious, the price for RoboLike is $7.77 a month and you get a free 3-day trial. Please use it at your own risk. I will write a review on RoboLike soon enough.

After a week of running, I was hit by Instagram’s warning because I authorized my account for RoboLike to automate. After changing my password and continuing on using RoboLike again, I was hit by it again a day later. I did it over and over for 3-4 times. To avoid being a ban, you have to change your password as stated on the warning. But also, you cannot use the same password (which sucks because I’m a forgettable person when it comes to passwords), so make sure to write it down and keep it safely stored. Whether it’s on your notebook or a private Google spreadsheet, keep your password safe because you will keep on having to change it if you are hit by this warning.

Overall, it doesn’t seem like Instagram will ban your account as long as you change it. But you will have to keep changing it over and over which can be extremely annoying and tedious if you have multiple accounts or clients.

Account Two:

For test account two, I decided to test it out by adding followers and engagements to my post. While many of the fake followers and engagements were removed, I have yet received any warning. This article will be updated once I receive my first warning.

Will this be the answer to avoid an Instagram ban? The answer will always be unknown because Instagram’s algorithm changes every day. They are only getting smarter and smarter. The most recommended way to grow your account is to post high-quality content and be consistent. Also, try using hash-tag research because it will help you grow your account at a good pace.

If you have extra information to contribute in regards to Instagram’s new warning, feel free to comment below. Let’s prevent your Instagram from being muted or shadowban. It can happen at any time when your account is suspicious. The best route to gain followers is to post consistently and do your research with high-quality content.

CashApp Sign Up: How You Can Make Money From It!

CashApp Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial):

CashApp Sign Up: Are you financially struggling or short on cash? Maybe you’re not struggling but just want extra beer money or buy yourself a cup of coffee?

Today on MySocialGod, I will show you one of the methods that could be used to help you make the extra change using the CashApp referral program as a side hustle. It can be a serious income for some people but it’s all up to you on how you want to utilize this tool.

With this phone application, also known CashApp also known as SquareCash, you can easily make your beer money & instantly withdraw it to your bank to spend! You can check out the CashApp website for more information on this company. Don’t register just yet if you want that $5 bonus from me!

CashApp Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial) Download the App:

First and foremost, you will need to download the phone app.

Search for CashApp on the App Store or Google Play and download the app.

It’s available for both the iPhone and Android!

What information do you need when you’re signing up for CashApp?

  1. Phone Number (a number that you have access to so that you can verify)
  2. Use Real Name (In case they ever ask you to verify your account using your ID)
  3. Debit Card or Bank Account To Link to App

Don’t register yet if you want a bonus $5 from me below because if you register without a referral, you won’t receive the reward!

How to Get Your $5 Bonus from CashApp Referral?:

You can choose to register without my referral and skip this step, but you won’t get the CashApp referral bonus unless you register it under a person’s referral link. If you register with my referral, you will receive $5 and I will receive $5 after your first transaction. If you send an amount to a person and they send it back to you, you can still qualify to get that easy $5 from CashApp.

OR you can enter my code manually: RRGJGCX to receive your FREE $5 after your first transaction

CashApp Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial) How Do I Utilize This?:

Awesome! Now that you received your $5 for signing up under my name, or you didn’t but moved on to this step, here’s what you can do:

Method Idea 1: If you’re a sociable person and love meeting people, you can usually bring up a discussion about how easy it is to make $5. Who doesn’t want to make $5  that will take a few minutes of their time? Everyone gets money! Going to a party? Give your new pals your referral code and you can get drunk and earn a few extra bucks or maybe more!

You have a local business and your customer has no cash? Introduce them to CashApp and give them your referral code.

I remember reading a story online about how a college student made thousands in a month from just referring to college students. You can too. You can start a YouTube channel and promote your code, you can start a blog like me too!

CashApp Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial) Invest in Cryptocurrency:

CashApp is a pretty simple way to get that fast extra change, but there are many other referral programs out there that you can utilize as well. If you’re an investor or want to invest, you can link your debit card to purchase Bitcoin which is $7,733 at the time of writing this post.

CashApp Sign Up (Money Making Tutorial) Your Own CashApp “Credit Card”:

So how do you order a CashApp card? As a long term user for CashApp, I now have my own CashApp “credit card.” You can order it through the app for free and create your own unique signature on it. You will be asked to create your own 4-digit pin code and shipping usually takes several weeks.

CashApp Fees:

When you’re transferring your money from CashApp to your bank, you can choose to wait a few days with no fees or you can choose to withdraw instantly to your bank at  1% fee.

CashApp ATM and CashApp Cash Out:

Once you receive your CashApp card, you can simply go to a nearby bank and withdraw your cash.

CashApp withdrawal fees are free. Charges on withdrawals depending on the operator.

Is There a Square Cash Toll-Free Number?

Unfortunately, there is no Square Cash toll-free number. If you’re registered with CashApp, you can head to their support on the app or website. This is how you can reach the CashApp team.

If you want to reach them by mail, their address is:

Cash App
1455 Market Street Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94103

If you love money making methods like this one, I have a way you can make money with Fortnite.

This will be one of the methods I am sharing with you today. If you encounter and CashApp problems, feel free to ask away.  Feel free to leave your referral code in the comment section, give this blog a share, and subscribe for more valuable information.

Would You Like to Share Your Square Cash Referral Code?

Subscribe and comment on your referral code below for people to see!



AceD Cryptocurrency: How You Can Benefit From It?

AceD Cryptocurrency Introduction:

The bear market that happened within the last few years has been a ghost town but until recently, the bulls are coming in. During the bear market, many projects born and many died. As more people are now familiar with the crypto market, many lost interests due to high suspicion and the majority of the projects’ unethical past. Today, more people are watching the market and it’s starting to become more exciting for us investors. We’ve all had our moments in 2017 (if you were there). We’ve all experienced a rollercoaster of emotions.

The Bull And Bear of 2017-2018

I’ve browsed through many projects back in 2018 after the peak from December 2017 to see which projects are up to my standards. I was scrolling through every coin, searching their website, joining their groups, and doing Google research on almost every project. I wanted something special and I wanted to be the first. I decided to browse for high quality and low market cap currency. I stumbled upon AceD Cryptocurrency. This project truly caught my eyes and I have been following this currency for a year now. This cryptocurrency could be the bus of opportunity that’ll take us to the rocket that’s launching towards the moon.

What Impresses Me?

Unlike any other piece of work out there, what truly impressed or should I say “thrilling,” is the amount of effort the team is putting in. Not only just the team, but there’s a lot of community effort. I keep up every day on AceD’s Discord group that has over 10,000+ community members. My word might not mean anything to you but in my eyes, this is an outstanding community. The difference between this project and many others’ that are in the low market cap range, is that the team continues to support and keep moving forward with each other even when there were tons of hopelessness in investors during the bear market. Now that the bulls are starting to enter, we will see what this currency can do for the world. With strong beliefs and constant support, I believe that AceD’s future will shine.

The Conversation And Inspiration:

I had the privilege of conversating with the lead of this project, Max. I’m the type that would do in-depth research about the project and the creator’s goal and vision for their projects. Investing in a terrible project in the past as a new investor made me become suspicious in every project. Anyway, as for Max, this individual who I see as a leader has a dynamic passion for the future and betterment of this special project. Aside from Max, the team is always there answering questions and helping one another. I’ve joined many group chats in the past for other projects, but the experience that I had aren’t the same compared to the AceD community. I’m not saying every project is downright bad but I’m saying this community has been great to me in many ways.

Being Suspicious, I Learned.

My first impression when I met the team and community, I was sold because I browsed through their history of messages. I saw how the community and team members help one another. My interest in this project increased as the days go by with such many features in store for this project.

I mean even their logo is pretty damn solid!  Check out their awesome channel and designs!

The AceD team made the greatest announcement in the history of AceD on May 23rd, 2018. If you don’t think this is exciting news, I don’t know what is. I’m giving you a warning in advance because there are many features that are coming soon and I just… can’t… wait…

You Nailed It!

Whoever the graphic designer is, mad props to him/her! This person nailed it and did an excellent job. I sure need a logo designer for my website.

AceD offers you:

  • Global Coverage – Via the world wide web,
    AceD is available across the globe
    and can be used from
    the comfort of your home.
  • POS Masternodes – Be rewarded for staking
    in your wallet, or earn income
    with a masternode. I’m currently staking and it’s going well.
  • High Liquidity – Currently available on CoinExchange.io, CryptoBridge.org, & HotDex.eu with plans to expand to many more.

As you can see, their goal was to create a dashboard feature. -crosses off checklist- 

When you take a look at their dashboard, there are many breathtaking features already added! Respect for the hard work from coding. For a small project that’s growing every day, the number of usages for this currency shows how much the team has accomplished in almost a year. They already are creating a product before marketing whereas, most currencies market before having their products.  I also appreciate the fact that they added night mode because I strain my eyes almost every night staring and observing the market.

Now if you look at the categories on their dashboard, they have the information and stats of the blockchain of certain currencies. You can view the stats of Bitcoin, Dash, AceD, and many more!

Below, I will give you an overview of the eight categories for below. I hope you can handle the excitement that I’m about to provide for you.

The Eight Categories:

Dashboard: In this category, you can view the stats of at least 15 cryptocurrencies. If you’re a masternode holder, you can view the return on investment of a certain masternode. If you like passive income, you will love masternodes. If you take a look at AceD, their return on investment is 125% yearly! With a cryptocurrency project that has a growing community, constantly being enhanced, a talented team and now provide masternode for holders with 10,000 AceD? Sign me up!

New Listings: For this category, you can view the listings of coins using the AceD dashboard. The more listings, the more growth, and recognition for this beloved project!

Monitoring: Once you click on this section of the category, you can monitor your masternode after you enter your seed number. You can view the stats of that current masternode. AceD mentioned on their website,

“AceD Dashboard is a masternode coin monitoring and stats service. AceD does not research or recommend any coin. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.
ROI changes often and is not the most important factor. Invest at your own risk! Also never give out your seed key. Thank you” 

After clicking on this category, it shows that you can monitor your masternode by entering your seed number. Here, you can check your stats of your masternode. Below the search bar, AceD mentioned, “AceD Dashboard is a masternode coin monitoring and stats service. AceD does not research or recommend any coin. Do your own research and invest at your own risk.
ROI changes often and is not the most important factor. Invest at your own risk! Also never give out your seed key. Thank you” 

Store: At first, I thought this was a store where users can purchase merchandise. It turns out that this is more of a store for advertisers. If you’re interested in advertising your products or need coin listing, then this is the tab for you.

Thanks, MrCryptoCash!

Lucky you, I’m an active member of the community. They do have products available. On one of their announcements, they mentioned AceD’s Shop by user MrCryptoCash. At first glance, I’m not going to lie but there are some pretty amazing products on there! This store does not belong to me nor do I have any rights to it. His products are truly special to the AceD community and I recommend taking a peek at his products.

AceD Gaming: As I’m typing this blog, I get goosebumps every time when I hear AceD Gaming. As a kid growing up, gaming has always been a special place in my heart. The games that are or will be provided by AceD cryptocurrency are Blackjack, Air Hockey, Scratchers. For the gambling games, please gamble at your own risk because it can be quite dangerous if you have an addictive personality.

The team also announced future games like Chess, Billiards (I can’t wait), Table Tennis, and Racing. The developers of AceD released sneak peek images of AceD Car Chasing game and I can’t wait for that. They are truly working hard behind the scene and I can’t wait for what’s in store to come.

AceD Streaming: While they don’t have anything available at the current moment, there’s a goal out there; a goal to have a streaming platform for users worldwide. I love watching streamers on Twitch during my dinner and I can’t wait for the release of AceD Streaming. They have progressed every day for a year already in development, let’s see what will happen in two years.

Exchanges: These are the current exchanges that support AceD: Currently available on CoinExchange.io, CryptoBridge.org, & HotDex.eu

FAQ: These are common questions regarding AceD. Check out their FAQ


Games? Say No More…

As explained above from earlier, the gaming platform is definitely something I’m looking forward to! I’m extremely thrilled!

Current Games on AceD: BlackJack, Air Hockey, Scratchers

Games Coming Soon: Chess,  Billiards, Table Tennis, Race

Current Games in the Process of Development: Car Race in Development By @crypto-kays

If you check out the video below, there’s a tutorial on the official channel on how to play games using the gaming hub:

While this has been a work in progress and development, the team is currently focusing on one thing at a time. The excitement I have for this platform is difficult to put into words especially for a fan of many games myself. One day, I can stream and play games with the fellow community.

Another Snapchat? Or…

My first impression of AceD snap was Snapchat. I actually wrote an article on Snapchat recently. Well, this service works differently. You can tip users with AceD for their images.

Hold on, let me grab my camera and maybe a beer!

This service would be appreciated especially when most of the investors are from different parts of the world, it would be nice to see their culture and what it’s like.

For a guy that lives by the beach, I’ll sure be uploading tons of images.

I’m not very experienced at poker but the excitement of different games being available can’t be put into words. Like I said above. If you love poker, you should check out their poker website.

For a guy that’s currently typing a 2,000-word blog, I’m overwhelmed from typing about their success. Their success in development is definitely worth more than a 2,000-word article so you have to go take a look for yourself to see what I mean.

Masternode holders will also get a percentage of all the profits from AceD Poker! There’s another reason why you should become a holder. I’m a holder myself, so join me, padawan.

For more technical information, here’s an image with all the technical details on AceD. You can see the team is working hard. When I had my first masternode up, I was gaining at least 28-42 AceD per day from each masternode. You can get up to 1,000 to 1,200 AceD per month from each masternode. That’s over 12,000 per year.

The Roadmap

When you’re an early investor, you have a great advantage. You get to invest at an affordable value. Take a quick peek at their roadmap. Are you excited to see the progress in developments by the end of this year?

The new whitepaper and roadmap are currently being rewritten by the team and will be posted soon.

Below are video reviews of AceD from respectable members of the community:

CryptoTube 1,000 Subscribers

Alexandrus 39,000 Subscribers (not English)

SelfSage 1,300 Subscribers

Crypto Shark 19,000 Subscribers (not English)

Whether you choose to invest in AceD cryptocurrency or not all depends on you. This is my personal opinion, not financial advice. All credits and rights on this blog go to where it’s due.

All links and source to AceD cryptocurrency can be found here:


AceD Apps: AceD Dashboard

AceD Gaming Hub

:AcedStreaming2::AceDAce: (Gateway to all your AceD gaming) AceD Exchanges:




Bitcoin Talk

Official Website

Social Media: Twitter







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Our in-house rules:
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