Does Cash App Have a Routing Number? (2021)

Many users of this money-sending platform are wondering: Does Cash App have a routing number? While choosing a medium to transfer money to a friend or a work contact, you must have come across Cash App as an option. Cash App uses your mobile device to transfer money from you to your peer. Initially, the Cash App idea was to establish a simple money transfer system, but with time and innovation, it has expanded.

As a Cash App user, you also get the facility of a Visa debit card. You can use this card to withdraw money from your Cash App account or use it as an ATM card (Does Cash App have free ATMs?). Your Cash App account is very similar to a bank account. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and system, Cash App is one of the most widely used Apps worldwide. Before scrolling down this article, check out:


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Cash App’s Routing Number

Cash App Routing Number

If you are someone who is into regular banking, both online and offline, you must have come across very-important terms, “account number” and “routing number.” While both of these terms are entirely different from each other, there is a chance of confusion. You might already know about the term account number but may not be aware of the routing number. This is obvious because an account number has always been essential in transferring money from one person to another.


However, times have changed, and if you use Cash App or intent to use it soon, you must also know about routing numbers. This is because routing numbers have the power to give you the service of direct deposit and make you enjoy a convenient withdrawal service of a check. With so many services to offer, it is crucial to know more about routing numbers and how you can find them for your Cash App.

Read below as we talk about this in-depth.

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What is a Routing Number and How Does it Work?

A routing number might be a very alien term for you but don’t be scared as we have got you covered. In simple and easy language, a routing number is a code with 9 digits. All financial institutions and banks are given a routing number as part of their identities. A routing number is the depiction of the area, city, and state where you have opened an account in simpler terms.


If I get more specific, your routing number determines the area and state where you opened your account. For example, a bank’s branch in one city will have a different routing code than another branch of the same bank in another city.

Relation Between Cash App and Routing Numbers

Routing numbers are not just for banks and institutions. They are as crucial to mobile apps like Venmo and Cash App like they are to a bank (Cash App Bank Name). Money management tasks such as bill payment and direct deposit require a routing number to carry on the process smoothly. Irrespective of your transfer medium, payment procedures are incomplete without a routing number in place.

Many of you might be using Cash App already but are still unaware of the routing number’s existence. To make things clear, Cash App does have a routing number. It has a unique routing number that enables it to perform direct deposits and easy, quick payments. However, we understand why you still haven’t been able to find a routing number.

In Cash App, finding a routing number isn’t relatively easy. It is not openly available, and you will have to follow a process to figure out your unique routing number. But before you head over to find your Cash App’s routing number, you must ensure you have an activated Visa Debit card by Cash App. It is impossible to find your number and activate the direct deposit service on your Cash App without it.

How To Find Routing Number on Cash App

A Cash App’s routing number is commonly known as RTN. Finding the RTN is directly linked to enabling the service of direct deposit in your Cash App account. Once enabled, the direct deposit service ensures you receive your salary and stimulus checks directly in your Cash App wallet for free. Finding a routing number in the Cash App involves a step-by-step journey, and once finished, it also simultaneously activates direct deposit service on your phone.

Finding Cash App Routing Number

Follow these 12 steps below: 

  1. Click on the Cash App icon on your iPhone or Android phone and open it.
  2. Find a bank symbol in the bottom left corner of your phone.
  3. Select the icon and go to the “My Cash” tab
  4. On the “My Cash” tab, select the option of cash.
  5. Select the cash button that has a green dollar sign right next to it
  6. Once selected, it will take you to a new screen.
  7. Scroll down to find the option of “Direct Deposit.”
  8. Tap on the “Get Account Number” tab
  9. A pop-up screen will appear.
  10. Select the “Enable Account” option
  11. Tap again on “Copy Account Details.”
  12. Select the “Copy Routing Number” and copy it to the clipboard. You can either choose to paste it for an email or keep it saved for yourself in a folder.

Changing Cash App Routing Number: Is it Possible?

As much as you want a routing number that you remember all the time, it is impossible to edit or change a routing number available specifically for your Cash App account. This is a unique code assigned by the App to you. If you want a different RTN, make another account and change your residential area’s address or location. However, make sure it is valid and matches your other details.

Conclusion For “Does Cash App Have a Routing Number”

A Cash App routing number identifies the location where you have opened your Cash App account in a nutshell. This 9-digit number preserves that information to enable the service of direct check withdrawal on your Cash App account. If you still haven’t put any effort into finding a routing code, do it now. It will make your life way more accessible and hassle-free.

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