Is Cash App For Minors

Is Cash App For Minors? (Answer +Info)

Square Inc.’s peer-to-peer platform, Cash App is an app that allows users to send and receive money instantly through their mobile devices whether running on an Android-based or iOS-based operating system. It also allows users to save a balance in their account which they can use to either make a purchase(s) online from different merchants or offline at physical stores using Cash App credit card.

In terms of who can use Cash App, it is worth noting that Cash App is rated for users aged four years and above. This however doesn’t mean that four-year-olds can open or create a Cash App account. In fact, there is an age limit in place that determines who can open an account. It is with this that many people ask, especially parents looking at creating a Cash App account for their kids: is Cash App for minors?

Despite being rated for users aged four years and older, Cash App is not for minors. In other words, minors cannot open, create or use a Cash App account.

Can Minors Open A Cash App Account?

The assumption many have especially parents when it comes to Square Inc.’s P2P app, Cash App, is that just about anyone can use it. In other words, anyone can open or create a Cash App account. This assumption is usually based on the fact that Cash App is actually rated for users aged four years and above. But are they right? Can anyone create or open a Cash App account more-so minors? Well, no, they are not right. Not everyone can open or create a Cash App account and this is especially so with minors.

At the moment, those who are eligible to open or create Cash App accounts are individuals residing in the US or the UK. Furthermore, they ought to be 18 years or older to open a Cash App account. This age limit as you can tell takes out minors aged 18 years and below. So even though they are in the US or the UK they cannot create or open an account with Cash App because they haven’t attained the age limit.

Is It Safe For Minors To Use Cash App?

Worth noting with Cash App is that despite having an age limit or an age restriction, some minors do use it especially those aged between 13 to 17 years old. In such cases, parents usually open a Cash App account with their details and give the account credentials to their child. 

This option as some would expect has led to some parents questioning whether or not Cash App is safe for their minors. Having said that, the answer is not as straightforward as some might think, however, given the fact that Cash App deals with all things money and the fact that they lack a very reliable support team or support options it is advised that parents monitor their minor’s Cash App account(s).  

Cash App Alternatives For Minors

Parents who are not comfortable letting their minors use Cash App have the option of settling for Cash App alternatives such as Famzoo, Greenlight, Mint, BusyKid, and Plan’it Prom. Like Cash APP, all these P2P apps allow users to easily send money from one person to another through mobile devices. Unlike Cash App, however, these P2P apps do not have an age limit restricting minors. In fact, a number of them are developed with minors in mind and as such, they are very safe and secure to use.   

Conclusion for “Is Cash App For Minors”

Cash App is not for minors. Simply put, minors aged 18 years and below cannot open, create or use a Cash App account. Luckily there are other alternatives minors can use if they want to still be able to send or receive money through their mobile phones. Simply settle on one (P2P Cash App alternatives) that best suits certain needs and create an account.  

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