is cash app giving away $750 real

Is Cash App Giving Away $750 Real Or Fake? (Reviewing Legitimacy)

Is Cash App giving away $750 real? Many Cash App users receive texts supposedly from Cash App stating that they’ve received $750 to their account. This post seeks to shed more light on these texts and ultimately state whether it’s a scam or not.

is cash app giving away 750 real

If you are a Cash App user residing in the US with an active account, chances are you’ve received a Cash App text claiming you’ve received $750 in your Cash App account. If you are yet to receive this text, chances are you’ll receive it at some point in the coming days. So let’s assume you’ve already received this text; what next.

is cash app giving away 750 real

Well, the best and logical thing to do is to check your Cash App balance. If you do this, chances are you’ll quickly realize that the said $750 doesn’t reflect on your account.

But why is this? It’s because you will never receive the $750 in the first place. In other words, the text you received was a Cash App text scam. To give you a better understanding of this particular scam, below you’ll find everything you need to know about it.

is cash app giving away 750 real

Hopefully, by the time you are done reading this post, you won’t fall victim to not just this but other similar Cash App text scams.

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Cash App Giving Away $750 Text Scam: What You Should Know

is cash app giving away 750 real

Well, like the topic states, this is a Cash App text scam. Many Cash App users all over the country have received a text(s) informing them that they’ve received $750 on their Cash App account.

To access this money or for it to reflect on your Cash App account, however, you are required to first confirm the transaction by clicking on a link that’s sent to you together with the original message that informed you that you’d received $750.

cash app scam

Worth noting, while the message is the same for just about every Cash App user receiving such text(s), the link that you are asked to click varies with every user, a tale-tale sign of this being a scam.

Knowing that this is a scam, it is advised that you do not click or follow any of these links, given that you really don’t know for sure where it will take you, what it’ll ask of you, or even what it might install on your computer once you do so.


Equally important is noting down the email address that sent you the said scamming message. This is a simple way of determining whether something is a scam or not, given that Cash App only uses the following email addresses:


If you receive emails from any other address, then it’s probably a scam. For this particular scam, the example address sending messages to Cash App users could be from [email protected]

As you can see, it’s not an address associated with Cash App; as such, you should ignore any message sent to you by this address or any other that is not Cash App associated. 

What If I Already Clicked On The Link On The Message Received?

cash app scam

If you’ve already clicked on the link shared by the scammers to you via email, it is best that you closely monitor your Cash App account. If you suspect any suspicious activity, try and change your password immediately. It would be best if you also considered changing the security questions associated with your account.

If you happen to have any money in your Cash App account, it is advised that you find ways of getting it out of there as soon as possible.

cash app scam

In fact, you should have done this immediately when you clicked on that foreign link on the Cash App text scam you received. 

Scammers note Cash App’s popularity and the increase in the number of people using it daily.

They see this large number, and they see many possibilities when it comes to scamming unsuspected customers. That said, we can confidently conclude that Cash App giving away $750 is simply a scam.

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