40+ Ways To Make Money Online in 2023 With In-Depth Articles!

People around the world are taking advantage of opportunities all over the internet while you’re sitting at home browsing for ways to make money online in 2023. They’re grinding and earning.

Did you know?

  • Over 80% of millionaires are first-generation millionaires.
  • Over 300 million people live in America, and over 18 million+ are millionaires.

You want that pocket money. You want to quit your 9 to 5 job. Well, let this article provide you with some guidance into your success. This will open many doors of opportunities for you. Now the question is, are you willing to take it to the next level? 

“If you know anyone complaining that there are no ways or opportunities to earn money online, I encourage you to show them this article.” – mysocialgod

Read below for ways to make money online in 2023 and see which doors you’re willing to take.

Method 1. Cash App: Referral Program

First and foremost, this is my most viewed article. As you see, Cash App grew quickly thanks to its referral program and is now one of Venmo’s biggest competitors.


Steps To Earn Money From Cash App’s Referral Program?

  1. Sign up with Cash App. You can earn $5 for signing up if you sign up under a referrer.
  2. Grab your referral link or code.
  3. Promote it to your friends, strangers, social media, or anywhere else.

There are stories of people earning thousands every month from this referral program. I have made hundreds of dollars from this Cash App program, and so can you. It all depends on how you want to scale and promote your referral link.

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Recommended Ways To Promote Your Referral Links:

  • You can create a quality article as I did, write about Cash App, and let Google rank you. Be sure to write and target the right keywords because that’s where you’ll hit the jackpot.
  • While some social media platforms are against promoting referral links through paid advertising, there are ways around it. For this method, you can create a quality review article and promote your referral somewhere in your article. People love quality stuff.
  • Free advertising? You can promote your link on Reddit, Facebook groups, and many more.

Add a twist to your promoting strategy because once you find the right way to promote, that’s when the money starts rolling in.

Is this money-making strategy not for you? Let’s continue!

Method 2. Fortnite Affiliate Program

You probably didn’t even know that Fortnite has an affiliate program. Well, here it is. I wrote an article about how an affiliate member earned over $8,000 in a span of 3 months. There’s money to be made in Fortnite’s affiliate program, also known as Support-A-Creator.

My strategy was different compared to others. During this case study, I created a Fortnite Instagram account and have a bot that mentions a lot of users.

The image I posted was a giveaway for free gift cards, which made many people sign up under my creator’s name. This method was able to earn a few hundred dollars. The one thing I dislike about the site is that its analytics can take a while to update.

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How do most people promote their Fortnite code?

  • There are YouTube content creators making videos about Fortnite and asking people to use their code to support them.
  • Promote on a Facebook page related to Fortnite.
  • Promote on an Instagram page related to Fortnite.

There are many ways. This is just to give you an idea and hopefully, you can add your own twist.

Method 3. Earn Money From Using Brave Browser

Are you browsing the web often and having to deal with all the ads? There’s a way to earn money from it! If you’re the type to have a long list of browsing history after an hour of using the internet, check this out.

Brave is a web browser that’s quite new to the game. This company focuses on browsing privacy which keeps everything anonymous. With Brave, you have the option to turn on or off ads. The great thing about this is that you’ll also be earning money for browsing the platform.

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Brave browsing platform is available on:

  • Desktop
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Tablet

There are no excuses not to earn money online when this is the easiest possible way!

Your earnings will be in BAT (Basic Attention Token) which is also a cryptocurrency. You can exchange it to a cryptocurrency exchange and withdraw it into USD or your preferable currency choice.

Method 4. Earn Passive Income From Cryptocurrency Staking

This is one awesome method that generated money for me every day. On average, I earn around a few hundred dollars per month from cryptocurrency staking.

Cryptocurrency staking, also known as POS (proof of stake), is a company’s way of rewarding users for investing in their cryptocurrency. This method of earning money online is similar to cryptocurrency mining, except you’re not using as much electricity. If you use hosting, you can earn without leaving your computer on!

There are hundreds of coins out there with POS. The more you hold, the more you earn. As simple as that. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies have POS implemented.

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Tips that you should know:

  • Before investing, please do thorough and in-depth research about cryptocurrency.
  • Invest at your own risk.
  • Invest in only what you can afford to lose.

That’s 4 ways of earning money online already. Continue on the next page for more opportunities.

Method 5. Amazon Affiliate Marketing

If you were asked which company is trusted worldwide, one of the answers that’ll appear in your head is Amazon. People are promoting Amazon affiliate links everywhere, and you probably won’t even realize it.

Are you searching for the best snowboards to use for your cabin trip? You will likely search that term on Google, find a quality blog post, and find links around those articles. These links will most likely take you to Amazon.

What you don’t know is that these bloggers are making a commission off of people’s purchases.

The best steps to becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer:

  1. Create a website. (I would highly recommend learning WordPress because there is more freedom to it)
  2. Focus on a niche.
  3. Do keyword research. If you find the right keywords, there’s a chance of you striking gold.
  4. Write an article around that niche with those keywords inserted.
  5. Let Google rank you.

Another method you can take with this approach is to create a website and write an article. After doing so, you can promote these articles with Amazon affiliate links in it on social media platforms or paid advertisements.

Be careful and don’t promote your links because they’ll appear spammy, people hate it, and your account is banned from doing so.

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There are studies of people making thousands per month to even millions of dollars per year from this money-making method.

Method 6. Binance Referral Program: Earn Money From People’s Trading Fees

Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms, and it’s still growing until this day. One of their strategies for growing their user base is through their referral program, which is quite powerful.

You don’t earn money for just inviting users; you also earn from their trading fees, which can be passive income. When you invite a user to sign up under your referral link, you will earn a lifetime commission every time they make a trade on that platform.

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If you’re lucky and land a whale (a big investor), you will earn a lot from that one investor alone. What are some popular ways to promote your referral link?

  • You can write a blog post as I did and add a link.
  • If you’re an active member of a popular forum, you can add it to your signature if it isn’t against the terms of service.

There was one case study of a user earning over 3 Bitcoins from trying out this strategy. Today, Bitcoin is worth over $10,000 each.

Method 7. Google Opinion Reward: Earn Money For Filling Out Surveys

And here it is, the 7th opportunity to make money online for 2023. There’s a chance that you grew up as a kid without a job researching for ways to make money online. I know I did.

With Google Opinion Reward, you can earn money simply for answering surveys. One of my studies with this money-making method earned me from $0.10 to $0.25. The survey will be based on where you’re from and what you have visited.

How they track this is through your phone and location tracker. A new survey will appear once every day or two, depending on how active you are.

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There was a case study of someone getting a lot of surveys simply for just going out. While it might seem impossible to earn a full-time income from Google Opinion Reward, this is great for start-up money or pocket change.

What can you do to get more surveys?

  • Go out more.
  • Be active.
  • Enable location on your phone for the Google Opinion app.

Method 8. Quora Partner Program: Earn Money For Asking Questions Online (Top Earner $5,000 Per Month)

Are you the type to always ask questions when curious? With Quora Partner Program, you can earn money for asking questions.

Believe it or not, the top earner earns over $5,000 a month while the top 10 earns an average of around $2,000 a month for simply asking questions.

Why does Quora pay you for asking questions?

Your earnings are through their advertisement. You’re asking the questions, viewers view the answers on your question, they see the ads next to your question, and you earn!

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How do I join the Quora Partner Program?

While there are markets selling these accounts for $100 to $300 each, there’s a reason why these accounts are so expensive. Quora sends out random invitations to users. So if you’re registered with Quora, don’t forget to check your email.

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Even if you’re an active member of Quora, a new user could be getting the invitation over to you. The invitation is all random, so there’s no way to increase your chance of getting invited. Trust me; I have contacted Quora myself.

Method 9. Blogging + Advertising (Top Known Earner $1,000 Per Day)

Blogging has taken the internet world by storm. Everything you’re ever curious about, you search up on Google. Almost any information you find on Google belongs to a blog. If you notice, these blogs usually have ads on them. If you think these bloggers are working for free, most of the time, you’re wrong.

These bloggers are earning money through advertising like me. You have to write quality content and let your articles rank. There are stories of publishers earning over $1,000 a day. If you’re looking to earn a full-time income from this business, it’ll take time. It’s also rewarding to see your hard work turn into passive income. Just remember that when you’re writing in the beginning, you will be writing to a ghost time. Give it time, and search engines will rank you.

There are many platforms to create a website on but the one I would highly recommend is WordPress. If you’re considering Wix, don’t. With WordPress, you’ll have more freedom in the end.

Once you achieve a great deal of traffic, you can apply for advertising companies. There are several popular ones that I know of:

  • Adsense (I’m using)
  • Mediavine
  • Ezoic

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Adsense is the most used because it’s easy to get accepted, while Mediavine and Ezoic require more traffic to get accepted.

Method 10. Earn Money Selling Leads Online

Were you ever interested in buying a new car? These are the type of people that car salesmen would pay to have contact with. How much do you think a person that’s interested in a car is worth? Your value can range from $25 to $100!

Believe it or not, there are many companies out there paying for leads and you can earn money from just generating them for these companies.

Types of companies that are interested in buying hot leads:

  • Dealerships
  • SEO Agencies
  • Dentists
  • Real Estate
  • Solar Panels

You get the idea. Some companies will even pay up to $500 per lead depending on how good that lead of yours is. So how do you get these leads?

There are hundreds of ways but let me give you the most common ways:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook groups
  • Cold calling businesses
  • Referrals from people you know

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This money-making method can definitely be a full-time income job if you know what you’re doing. Let’s say you get 30 leads per month or 1 lead per day; that’s $3,000 per month if each lead is $100. There are many success stories for lead generators, and the demand is quite high. You have to find the right strategy to capture these leads.

Method 11. Have A Skill? Sell On Fiverr!

Fiverr is a place where you can sell your service or buy services at a minimum of $5 per gig. I had tested out Fiverr selling a service before and was earning $100 a week. I got banned due to Fiverr’s strict terms of service.

I was banned because I shared my email through messages, and you’re not allowed to share any personal information through Fiverr. Lesson learned.

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There are many services offered on Fiverr such as:

  • Voice Over
  • Animation
  • Logo Design
  • Backlinks
  • Writing Service

If you have a skill that you think you can provide to the digital online world, you can earn a part-time income to even a full-time income. Keep in mind that when you’re starting off, it’ll take time to sell your first gig. After the first few gigs, your gig will begin to gain momentum and get more sales if it’s good!

Don’t let your skills go to waste, and take advantage of Fiverr!

Method 12. Write For Textbroker and Earn Money

I’ve been a member of Textbroker for over 2 years now, and you can earn money writing for people online through this platform!

The pay range is from $0.005 per word to $.05 per word. That’s up to $50 per article at most if you’re a great content writer. If you’re decent. then $0.005 per word can still be a decent change as start-up money.

You hear it nowadays that content is king. That means that the demand is high for content. Even if you’re getting paid $0.005 per word, you can build your way up. The more you write, the better you become at content creation, right?

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The approval process might take some time if you’re thinking about applying. They will review your writing and rank you based on how well you write. Your earnings will depend on that. My earnings are around $0.01 per word, which is great when I was starting off.

But once you achieve that $0.05 per wordmark, you can say hello to a new full-time job opportunity.

Method 13. Love Music? Get Paid For Writing Music Reviews

While this is not great if you’re looking to earn a full-time income, this is a great opportunity to earn startup cash for your business. With the SliceThePie music platform, you can earn money by reviewing music online.

Musicians are always looking for feedback on their music. I mean, how else will they improve without honest reviews? You can earn from $0.03 to $0.15 per review on this platform. This is a tedious task but also an excellent opportunity for those who are struggling to get that extra change.

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You should always write an honest review and write about:

  • What do you love about the song?
  • How this track could improve.
  • Give an honest rating.

Don’t fool with the system and spam your reviews with fake info because, in the end, these musicians paid for your honest feedback. It’s unethical and frowned upon.

Be ethical and honest, and earn that money!

Method 14. You Can Earn Money Lending To People on Subreddit r/Borrow!

If you’re a Redditor like me, you will know what a subreddit is. If not, then I highly suggest you check it out. With r/Borrow, people are looking to borrow money every day ranging from $20 to even $1,000. These borrowers will usually pay you back 20% more. It’s a great way to use your money that’s simply sitting in your bank doing nothing.

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While this is a great method, beware of scammers. There are ways to see if a borrower is trustworthy. You should:

  • Check their account age.
  • Look at their activity on the account.
  • Check their borrow history.

What steps should I take before loaning money?

  • You should always loan with PayPal because when you’re in a situation where you are scammed, you will have the option to charge back.
  • Ask the user to send a picture of their paystubs to ensure they will get their money back.
  • Ask the user to send a picture of your ID along with a confirmation note confirming that it’s them.

Most users that borrow around $20 to $100 eventually pay back after a week or 2. You can easily earn $20~$50 a week by simply loaning money. 

Looking to earn a full-time income? Hop into the next page!

Method 15. Dropshipping!

Dropshipping has been around for years. The gurus do it, people do it, and many self-made millionaires have created thanks to the idea of dropshipping.

What is dropshipping?

If you have never heard of dropshipping, you’re in for a treat. Dropshipping is the process of being a middleman between a supplier and a customer. You sell the item at a higher price than the supplier and ship it to the customer. All you’re doing is the marketing part and converting your traffic into sales.

What are the steps into dropshipping?

  1. Create a website. (niche-targeted recommended)
  2. Look for a cheap supplier. Most dropshippers use AliExpress.
  3. Add products to your site.
  4. Promote!

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When a customer makes an order through your website at the price of the item you set it for, you can order it from a supplier at a cheaper rate and ship it to your customers. Let’s say a customer orders an item from you for $2. You know a supplier that sells it for $1. You order it from the supplier and use the information of the customer to have the supplier ship it to that customer. Your profit would be $1. Imagine promoting $100 to even $1,000 items. There’s a lot of potential for this type of business.

There are several ways of promoting:

  • Create quality SEO-friendly content.
  • Use paid social media ads such as Instagram or Facebook.

Love this money-making method? Check out the next!

Method 16. YouTube + Affiliate Programs + Adsense

With YouTube, which Google owns, you have another opportunity to succeed. Nowadays, Google’s algorithm is in search of content that caters to its audience. If you stay committed to YouTube, it’ll be extremely rewarding and earn you a nice passive income.

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Let’s say you already have a channel; you have to make sure your niche is specific and not scattered all over the place. If you’re uploading music content, make sure it’s only about music. (That’s what I did!)

Now, when you’re uploading content, be sure to stay consistent. Your videos will slowly rank at first, and I guarantee that consistency will gain the viewer’s momentum. Think of the snowball effect. (And be sure that your videos are quality content, no one likes to see spammy videos)

Once your videos start gaining views, there are a few ways to monetize this:

  • You have the advantage of the description box on your videos. You can promote your website and get traffic to your blog posts, or you can promote your affiliate links. There are several affiliate programs that I recommend. I’ll post them below.
  • The second monetization method is through Adsense. Do you know how you see ads before a video plays? That’s how content creators earn their money. You have to get approved first; the requirement for approval is 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers.

What are some popular affiliate programs that people use?

  • Amazon Affiliate – best for promoting products.
  • Clickbank – best for promoting digital products.

If you’re afraid of showing your face on camera, you could always use ContentSamurai, which recently changed to Vidnami. They will create videos for you. All you need is the script!

Let’s hop on to the next money-making method if this one is not for you!

Method 17. Have A Large Social Media Following Or a Growing One? Become A Social Media Influencer!

Being a social media influencer has its advantage, but it’s not as easy to grow an account as you think. I run a few Instagram accounts with over 10,000+ followers, and it took a lot of work and effort to get there. But before you start or have the idea of becoming an influencer, here’s what you need to know:

  • Being a social media influencer can earn you free products.
  • You can earn an income by promoting other companies.
  • Your networking expands; therefore, there are more opportunities for you.

New to the game? Here are some ways to grow your social media accounts:

  • You can use automated bots that can follow/unfollow your competitor’s followers.
  • Use hashtag research, post quality content, and be active.
  • You can use paid advertising to increase your followers.

How much can you earn from being a social media influencer?

It all depends. It depends on the…

  • number of followers that you have
  • the engagement on your profile
  • how well your traffic converts
  • what type of niche you’re in

Once you figure that out, you can earn anywhere from $5 to $100+ from posting on your account. You can look for companies to promote their products on your profile. Usually, these companies will send you free products to advertise. I met a person with over 100,000+ followers, and he would earn anywhere between $30 to $50 per day advertising for companies.

Imagine accounts with over 1 million followers. Now that’s insane ROI!

Method 18. Narrate Audiobooks

Do you think you have the perfect voice to be a narrator? There are many opportunities online for people like you! You can earn money online for narrating books. Believe it or not, there is a high demand for this.

Customers pay from $100 per hour of narrated audio to even $500 per hour.

Ways to charge customers:

  • Full buy-out – With a full buy-out, you will get paid a huge sum for narrating an entire book.
  • Royalties – With royalties, you can earn every time someone purchases that audiobook for life.

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While this online job is enjoyable for most book readers, it’s definitely not something to consider as a main source of income unless you know that you’ll have a lot of customers. If you find a customer, expect great pay if you have the right voice.

Method 19. Promoting Affiliate Links + Answering Questions On Quora

Are you great at answering questions that provides value to Quora users? If you can add value to Quora with your knowledge, people will trust you. What happens when people trust you?

They’re more likely to click on the links that you share.

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Many people are taking advantage of the Quora platform to promote their affiliate links in their quality answers. An example:

If a person asks a question like: “What type of vacuum would you recommend?”

Then you can answer them with a valuable answer and insert your affiliate links to the vacuum that you would recommend. To get this link, you’ll have to join affiliate programs.

Here are some recommended affiliate programs:

  • Clickbank
  • AliExpress Affiliate
  • Amazon Affiliate

This is similar to owning a website, except you don’t need a website but a Quora account. Here are some tips:

  • Answer a question without making it look spammy, or you’ll be flagged.
  • Look for questions that you’re knowledgeable about. Don’t BS it.
  • Add credentials to your profile and use a real profile picture. People will trust you more.

There are case studies of people earning hundreds every day. If you do your keyword research, you will likely rank high on the search engine for your Quora answers.

Method 20. Promote Companies Through Reddit Posts For Money!

Are you a Redditor or somewhat familiar with Reddit? There are companies that will pay you to post for them. It can range from $3 to $10 per Reddit post. While it’s not as dependable as a main source of income, you can still earn a side income.

Why is there a demand for Reddit posts?

  • Companies with websites are in search of backlinks.
  • They are looking to bring awareness to their platform.
  • It helps collect leads and converts traffic into sales.

Reddit traffic is very valuable compared to other social media platforms. You will deal with a lot of backlash from the community if you’re not posting the right way or following the community guidelines. What I recommend is to post high-quality content. That’s what Reddit users love!

  • You can post high-quality content.
  • Add links where it’s appropriate.
  • Don’t appear too spammy.

There are forum users earning from $20 to $50 a day with this gig. It’s a great start-up income if you’re deciding to start an online business with no money.

Remember that Reddit is strict, and there’s always a risk of being banned if you don’t follow the community guidelines. If you don’t think this is your way of making money online, then hop on to the next page.

Method 21. Teespring + Social Media Advertising

I remember a few years back, I was messing around with Teespring and made a t-shirt design. I started playing with Facebook ads and experimented with an audience. At the beginning of this journey, I lost a great amount of money trying to find the right audience for Facebook ads. Eventually, I began collecting profits once I found the right audience.

With Teespring, you can create and promote your own design on products. Promoting the links to your designs and products can earn a commission every time a user buys. You’re not doing any shipping because Teespring handles everything.

Keep in mind that you’re not going to get 100% of the profits because Teespring needs to earn to run as a platform.

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What social advertising platform would I recommend? Well, there are many.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • Google Adwords

While there are many more advertising platforms out there, Facebook is the best. You can also contact social media influencers and pay them to publish your design on their blog. If you find the right niche, expect conversions on your Teespring business.

Think you’re creative enough? Give Teespring a try!

Method 22. Social Media Advertising + Website Quizzes

Have you ever stumbled upon a website full of quizzes that takes you to a new page for every question you answered? Believe it or not, by taking you to the next page, they’re making money through advertising, and it’s quite effective.

There have been case studies of people earning up to $17,000 a day. What you need:

  • A website. (Recommended: WordPress)
  • Your own niche.
  • Money to invest in social media ads.

Once you get all this, start creating content. Most people would recommend having at least 20+ articles on your site before starting. Then create a paginated post and start promoting.

Let’s say you have 20 pages on your quizzes. If you have engaging enough content, you can get users to click through as many pages as possible. That gives you more chances to show your ads to your visitors.

This is a really powerful method and is working to this day, and you can earn a lot of money if you scale it correctly. Remember that advertising cost is different for every niche.

Method 23. Sell Services on Subreddit r/SlaveLabour

If you’re a Redditor or know about Reddit, you should check out r/SlaveLabour if you’re looking to make money online.

I have bought some pretty good services here.

This subreddit has a community of over 150,000 subscribers, and these users are either looking to provide a service or buy a service.

You can find or sell services like:

  • Photoshop
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Linkbuilding

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One member was looking for a service where someone grinds on a game for him while he’s at work. There are many unique services on this forum. Sometimes, browsing to see what people sell is interesting, even when you’re not looking to make transactions.

If you want to earn money online, this can be a great forum to get customers and collect leads!

Method 24. Become A Virtual Assistant

If you’re living in a third-world country that makes a few dollars per hour, being a VA (virtual assistant) can be a great work-at-home job.

If you’re looking for higher pay than minimum wage in the US, it’ll almost be impossible to find a task or job that will pay high.

Many companies hire VA and usually pay less than $10 an hour. There are even VA services that charge you $3 an hour. There’s a lot of competition in this field because you’re dealing with people from all over the world, which means that every VA’s country’s minimum wage is different.

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There are a lot of tasks you can do as a VA:

  • You can manage social media accounts.
  • Do data entry.
  • Uploading content.
  • Writing content.

You get the idea. If you’re interested in becoming a VA, feel free to promote yourself on forums, marketplaces, and social media.

Method 25. Are You Active On A Forum? Sell Your Forum Signature Space!

I listed this method because it has worked for me in the past. I was a VIP member on a forum and had my own signature. Because I was active, members were interested in paying for my signature.

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This doesn’t require as much work because all you have to do is enjoy yourself and comment on threads. Be an active member. I earned $50 a month of passive income from my signature alone. In a year, that would add up to over $500.

Some users are more active than me, earning $300 a month for just promoting content on their signature. If you’re not looking at selling your signature space, you could always promote affiliate or referral links on your signature.

Method 26. Voice Impersonator? Sell Your Voice!

Can you impersonate Elmo from Sesame Street’s voice? If you can impersonate a popular character’s voice, then be glad that there are more opportunities for you to be making money online.

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You can sell this kind of service on

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • r/SlaveLabour

People who are great with voice impressions usually charge customers from $0.05 to $0.10 per word said on audio. That’s like $10 just for reading out 100 words!

If you’re not good at impersonating a character’s voice, let’s move on!

Method 27. Sell Website Subscription Service In Exchange For Your Content!

Do you believe you have content that no one else has? If you have a high percentage of returning visitors to your website, that means that they really do love your content.

What you need:

  • High-quality content – Visitors will more likely to return if your content is high-quality.
  • A fast website – Speed plays a huge part in providing a better user experience. Choose the correct theme.
  • Niche targeted – If your niche is scattered everywhere, people won’t know exactly what they’re looking for. Make sure it’s specific.

Once you have enough content on your website, you can monetize it by adding a subscription service where users pay $1 or more a month to read your content. Can you imagine having 1,000 subscribers? That’s $1,000 a month.

What are some ways to promote my website?

  • SEO Organic Traffic – SEO is a long-term game. You can get free traffic if you focus on the right keywords and let Google or search engines to rank you.
  • Paid Advertising – With paid advertising, you can get traffic but it’ll be really costly. You have to learn to scale it.
  • Social Sharing – You can promote your content on social media and have people like or share your content. Social sharing is great. If you’re lucky enough, your content could go viral.

Many websites are doing this, and you can too! You need to grow your website first and gain attention before monetizing.

Method 28. Build Websites For Money!

You don’t need to be talented to build a website unless your potential customer wants sophisticated features on it, which is very unlikely.

If you’re looking to build an essential website for someone through Shopify or WordPress, you can quickly charge $100 or more. Some people are charging even $500 to $1,000.

A lot of businesses are in need of websites, and they don’t have the time to learn or build it, which is why some are willing to pay a hefty amount.

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Some tips to remember when building a website:

  • Create a backup just in case your website malfunctions and has an error. You will have a saved backup to restore it.
  • Make sure the website speed is quick. When users have a better experience on your website, your bounce rate is low, and it’ll help you rank on Google.

If you’re looking to earn money by building websites for people, I recommend learning WordPress because it is used by many. You can promote your service on Fiverr, r/SlaveLabour, and Facebook Marketplace or contact businesses without a website. There are many ways.

Method 29. YouTube Music Livestreaming

Have you ever heard of Lofi Hip Hop live stream on YouTube? I’m sure many people have, especially when they’re studying or want something relaxing to hear.

What you didn’t know is that these YouTube live-stream music channels are making money online. How? They have the advantage of description and advertising.

These channels get hundreds of viewers every minute; they monetize it through the description box. These people will click on their affiliate links and might buy the products they’re promoting. They might even click on ads that are automatically placed on your video.

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You can replicate the same method as them. You can work with different types of music but stick to a single niche for each channel. For example:

  • Rap Music
  • Trap Music
  • Country Music
  • EDM (Trap, House, Dubstep)
  • Lofi

You have first to get upload permission from the music owners first. Otherwise, you can get a copyright strike on YouTube. YouTube has an algorithm that can detect it when you’re stealing content, so make sure you get that permission. It’ll take time, but once you have your music channel running, it’ll be rewarding, and you can earn money through different monetizable methods.