40+ Ways To Make Money Online in 2021 With In-Depth Articles!

Method 16. YouTube + Affiliate Programs + Adsense

With YouTube, which is owned by Google, you have another opportunity at success. Nowadays, Google’s algorithm is in search of content that caters to their audience. If you’re can stay committed to YouTube, it’ll be extremely rewarding and can earn you a nice passive income.

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Let’s say that you already have a channel, you have to make sure that your niche is specific and not scattered all over the place. If you’re uploading music content, then make sure it’s only about music. (That’s what I did!)

Now, when you’re uploading content, be sure to stay consistent. Your videos will slowly rank at first and I will guarantee you that being consistent will gain the viewer’s momentum. Think of the snowball effect. (And be sure that your videos are quality content, no one likes to see spammy videos)

Once your videos start gaining views, there are a few ways to monetize this:

  • You have the advantage of the description box on your videos. You can promote your website and get traffic to your blog posts or you can promote your affiliate links. There are several affiliate programs that I recommend. I’ll post them below.
  • The second monetization method is through Adsense. Do you know how you see ads before a video plays? That’s how content creators are earning their money. You have to get approved first and the requirement for approval is 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers.

What are some popular affiliate programs that people use?

  • Amazon Affiliate – best for promoting products.
  • Clickbank – best for promoting digital products.

If you’re afraid of showing your face on camera, you could always use ContentSamurai which recently changed to Vidnami. They will create videos for you. All you need is the script!

Let’s hop on to the next money-making method if this one is not for you!

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