40+ Ways To Make Money Online in 2021 With In-Depth Articles!

Method 19. Promoting Affiliate Links + Answering Questions On Quora

Are you great at answering questions that provides value to Quora users? If you can add value to Quora with your knowledge, people will trust you. What happens when people trust you?

They’re more likely to click on the links that you share.


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Many people are taking advantage of the Quora platform to promote their affiliate links in their quality answers. An example:

If a person asks a question like: “What type of vacuum would you recommend?”

Then you can answer them with a valuable answer and insert your affiliate links to the vacuum that you would recommend. To get this link, you’ll have to join affiliate programs.

Here are some recommended affiliate programs:

  • Clickbank
  • AliExpress Affiliate
  • Amazon Affiliate

This is similar to owning a website except you don’t need a website but a Quora account. Here are some tips:

  • Answer a question without making it look spammy or you’ll be flagged.
  • Look for questions that you’re knowledgable in. Don’t BS it.
  • Add credentials to your profile and use a real profile picture. People will trust you more.

There are case studies of people earning hundreds every day. If you do your keyword research, you will likely rank high on the search engine for your Quora answers.

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