40+ Ways To Make Money Online in 2023 With In-Depth Articles!

Method 30. Start A Yelp Review Business

If you’re great with Yelp reviews, you can earn great cash from writing reviews for businesses. You must first understand Yelp’s algorithm because you can get flagged for spam.

When I was selling Yelp reviews to businesses, I was earning anywhere between $30 to $50 per review. It sounds like a lot. Well, it’s because businesses want Yelp reviews that stick!


How to start?

  1. Create a Yelp profile.
  2. Review businesses so that when people see your profile, it’s legitimate.
  3. Contact businesses about what you offer for Yelp.
  4. Earn money, and write!

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What are some ways to prevent your Yelp review from getting removed or flagged?

  • You need to review Yelp reviews in your local area. Reviewing a business from another state or country will look suspicious.
  • Make sure your account is already aged. You will seem spammy without an aged account.
  • Add information about your profile and use a profile picture. Don’t leave it empty.

You can do this and hire others to write reviews for you too. You can eventually become a middleman and start earning online. I made $1,500 online in 2017 from this method alone.

Method 31. Become an Amazon Mechanical Turk

Do you have a skill that you can provide for Amazon? You can sign up as an Amazon Mechanical Turk. It’ll take time for you to get accepted, but once you do, you can start earning money for completing specific tasks based on your skills. You have to be 18 years or older.

If Amazon isn’t able to verify your identity, chances are that you won’t be accepted to this program. You have to prove that you’re the person that’s signing up.


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Amazon Mechanical Turk is great for someone trying to start with a side job. 

Method 32. Sell Guest Posts On Your Website

You can earn money by selling guest posts online. It all depends on the authority and ranking of your website. If you have high domain authority, businesses are willing to pay you a lot more depending on what your domain authority is.

The reason why businesses will pay for a guest post on your website:

  • They want a backlink from you. These links will give smaller companies a better chance of ranking if your domain authority is high. If you’re looking to sell a backlink to them, make sure the niche is related to yours. You don’t want a food page promoting finance or stocks.
  • These companies are looking for exposure. They know you’re earning traffic, and now they want your traffic to become aware of your website.

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Guest posts can cost from $10 to even over $1,000. If you’re a blogger who built your website with a higher domain authority over time, you deserve higher pay for selling these guest posts, am I right?

If you believe in long-term success, blogging is a great way to start. You won’t only earn from guest posts but also from advertising and affiliate marketing. With traffic, you can monetize it however you want!

Method 33. Cryptocurrency Mining

This is another way to earn passive income. With a mining rig, you can earn Bitcoin. The amount you earn depends on how powerful your mining rig is. Even though it’ll take a lot of electricity, your ROI will come out to be much greater.

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Some people even mine with solar power and cool their rigs by leaving it in cold weather.

There are even mining farms in China. With the slow adoption of cryptocurrencies, there’s no doubt that the Bitcoin value will increase over time.

Method 34. Cryptocurrency Arbitrage

I was able to make hundreds every week with cryptocurrency arbitrage.

What is cryptocurrency arbitrage?

  • It’s when you buy cryptocurrency on one exchange at a cheaper rate than on another exchange. Then you bring it to a more expensive exchange and sell it.

With this method, you can profit from 5% to 30% per trade. I had done this before and made a profit of 50% from one transaction. This requires you to focus a lot on the computer because the market is constantly moving. If you have great attention to detail and know the market, you can definitely turn this into a full-time job.

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This is one of the secrets to what day traders do. They don’t just day trade on one exchange, but they do arbitrage. There are a lot of untapped markets out there, even when you’re reading this article. There’s money waiting on the table.

Advice: Please trade or invest at your own risk. Only practice or trade with what you can afford to lose.

Method 35. Traffic Arbitrage

Traffic arbitrage is another powerful way to earn money online. There have been YouTube channels of people claiming to earn over $20,000 daily. You can find it, and you’ll see how powerful it is.

This method requires you to buy ads from one company and sell the traffic to your site, where they see ads from the company you’re a publisher for.

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To start this method, you’ll need the following:

  • a website
  • content
  • to be approved as a publisher to advertise

For example, you’re running ads for Company1 on your website. You head to Company2 and buy ads from their site to send traffic to your website. Company1 pays you for the traffic. Since Company2’s traffic is cheaper, you’re earning a profit overall from spending money on ads.

Most of these websites that are doing traffic arbitrage are running several pages on one post. The reason why they do this is that they want their traffic to click on several pages, which means that they get more impressions and higher chances of clicks on their ads.

Method 36. Sell Your Products on Etsy!

You can create your own products and sell them on Etsy. Thousands of people earn every day from Etsy, and you can too.

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You can sell digital products and handmade items. It’ll cost you $0.20 to list an item on this platform. If you’re familiar with keyword research, you can earn greatly with this platform.

Research the right keyword, see what people search for, and then list them in your description, and the product will stay up for 4 months.

Etsy is a simple platform to use. If you know what you’re doing, you can easily earn a full-time income from this.

Method 37. Instagram Username Flipping

You probably didn’t know that such a business exists, but people are earning serious income from simply flipping Instagram usernames. If you didn’t know, a one-character username on Instagram could go for up to $5,000.

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One character example:

  • a
  • 1
  • X

There have been cases of Instagram usernames selling for even $20,000. It all depends if the username is brandable or not.


  • hey
  • lol
  • noo


  • x9a
  • b41

Once you find these Instagram usernames, you can buy at a price you believe is low and sell them at a higher price. This can be a great business for you if you know where and how to find the accounts.

Be aware that this type of market also has a lot of scammers. You need a reliable and trusted way to make your transaction.

Method 38. Shop Often? Earn Money With Receipts!

Nowadays, thanks to technology, you can earn by scanning your receipts. While this is great as a side gig, you can earn money just for being an active shopper.

Not only that, but you can scam other people’s receipts too. People usually throw them away.

Most of these companies give out:

  • gifts for scanning receipt
  • discounts
  • freebies

Top companies that are rewarding for scanning receipts:

  • CoinOut
  • FetchRewards
  • Paribus

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While this method is not for me because I don’t shop as often, this can be beneficial for people that are outgoing and a spender. If you’re not a spender, hop on to the next page!

Method 39. Love Photography? Sell Your Stock Photos!

You can earn money for your photography skills if you’re into photography. You can sell stock images online on marketplaces. People love unique awesome stock photos.

While it’s harder to sell stock photos nowadays because of websites offering free images, you can still earn.

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Just have a camera ready and start shooting cool photos!