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Method 29. YouTube Music Livestreaming

Have you ever heard of Lofi Hip Hop live stream on YouTube? I’m sure many people have especially when they’re studying or want something relaxing to hear.

What you didn’t know is that these YouTube live stream music channels are making money online. How? They have the advantage of the description and advertising.


These channels get hundreds of viewers every minute and the way they monetize it is through the description box. These people will click on their affiliate links and might buy the products they’re promoting. They might even click on ads that are automatically placed on your video.

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You can replicate the same method as them. You can work with different types of music but stick to a single niche for each channel. For example:

  • Rap Music
  • Trap Music
  • Country Music
  • EDM (Trap, House, Dubstep)
  • Lofi

You have to first get upload permission from the music owners first. Otherwise, you can get a copyright strike on YouTube. YouTube has an algorithm that can detect it when you’re stealing content, so make sure you get that permission. It’ll take time but once you have your music channel running, it’ll be rewarding and you can earn money through different monetizable methods.

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