40+ Ways To Make Money Online in 2021 With In-Depth Articles!

Method 32. Sell Guest Posts On Your Website

You can earn money for selling guest posts online. It all depends on the authority and ranking of your website. If you have high domain authority, businesses are willing to pay you a lot more depending on what your domain authority is.

The reason why businesses will pay for a guest post on your website:

  • They want a backlink from you. These links will give them smaller companies a better chance of ranking if your domain authority is high. If you’re looking at selling a backlink to them, make sure that the niche is related to yours. You don’t want a food page promoting finance or stocks.
  • These companies are looking for exposure. They know you’re earning traffic and now they want your traffic to become aware of your website.

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Guest posts can cost from $10 to even over $1,000. If you’re a blogger and built your website over time with higher domain authority, you deserve higher pay from selling these guest posts, am I right?

If you believe in long term success, then blogging is a great way to get started. You won’t only earn from guest posts, but you’ll also earn from advertising and affiliate marketing. With traffic, you can monetize it with however you want!

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