40+ Ways To Make Money Online in 2021 With In-Depth Articles!

Method 9. Blogging + Advertising (Top Known Earner $1,000 Per Day)

Blogging has taken the internet world by storm. Everything you’re every curious about, you search it up on Google. Almost any information you find on Google belongs to a blog. If you notice, these blogs usually have ads on them. If you think these bloggers are working for free, most of the time, you’re wrong.

These bloggers are earning money through advertising like me. You have to write quality content and let your articles rank. There are stories of publishers earning over $1,000 a day. If you’re looking to earn a full-time income from this business, it’ll take time. It’s also rewarding seeing your hard work turn into passive income. Just remember that when you’re writing in the beginning, you will be writing to a ghost time. Give it time and search engines will rank you.


There are many platforms to create a website on but the one I would highly recommend is WordPress. If you’re considering Wix, don’t. With WordPress, you’ll have more freedom in the end.

Once you achieve a great deal of traffic, you can apply for advertising companies. There are several popular ones that I know of:

  • Adsense (I’m using)
  • Mediavine
  • Ezoic

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Adsense is the most used because it’s easy to get accepted while Mediavine and Ezoic require more traffic to get accepted.

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