Text From 6245

Why Did I Receive a Text From 6245? (Verizon or Scam)

If you are a Verizon customer then chances are you’ve been receiving text messages from 6245. For many Verizon users, this has been a cause of alarm especially so for those that receive blank text messages from 6245. But should you or they be concerned given that they’ve received text messages from 6245? Well, that’s exactly what this post seeks to address or answer.

Text From 6245

Below you’ll get to find out who owns this short SMS code 6245 (basically who’s sending the text messages) and why you’ve actually been receiving text messages using this 6245 SMS code.

Text messages from 6245 simply put are from Verizon. It is Verizon’s mail service code and it makes it possible for Verizon customers to send emails to other Verizon customers using their phone number.

Text Message From 6245

When looking at why you are receiving text messages from 6245 it is important to first determine who this SMS code belongs to first. Having said that, the SMS code 6245 belongs to Verizon.

To be more exact, this code represents Verizon mail service. With this service, Verizon customers can send their friends, family members, or loved ones emails directly to their phone.

To send a Verizon customer an email in the form of text using Verizon’s SMS shortcode, 6245 one will need the recipient’s Verizon phone number. They’ll need to send them a text using their email id as, phone_number@vtext.com and send it to 6245.

Why Did I Receive a Text From 6245?

Now that we’ve clearly identified who this short SMS code belongs to we can now move on to the why. Why are Verizon customers like you receiving text messages from 6245? The simple answer is someone you know or maybe don’t know is sending you a message in the form of an email.

Yes, let’s say one of your friends, loved one, or family member wants to contact you via email and they don’t have your email address, they can choose to use your Verizon number to share with you an email. The email shared will then reach you via text through code 6245.  

Are Texts Messages From 6245 Scam?

The answer to this question is not as direct as some would want it to be. That said anyone who has your Verizon number can be able to send you a text message via 6245. If you cannot clearly note who has sent you a message using this short Verizon SMS code it is advised that you don’t respond to it.

This is especially so when the message requests sensitive information from you such as your full names, your bank details, and so on.

In such cases (a text message that asks for personal information), the person that’s trying to contact you via this code is usually a scammer or hacker looking to steal your personal information and use it to their advantage for monetary value.

What Happens When I Reply To A Text Message From 6245?

When you receive a message from 6245 there is always the option of responding to it. When you do so, the person that originally sent the message to you is the one that’ll receive your response. This is why it is advised not to share any personal or sensitive information via texts using 6245 if you are not familiar with who actually sent you the message in the first place. Failure to do so might result in you being scammed or hacked.

Conclusion For “Text From 6245”

6245 code belongs to Verizon. It is part of their mail service that allows Verizon users to send emails as texts to other Verizon users. Although not harmful, this number is used by hackers or scammers can result in unsuspecting Verizon users being scammed or hacked.  

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