Can You Use Venmo in Europe? (Answer + Info!)

The process of transferring money, whether it’s from one person to the other or one person to a business, has changed drastically over the years due to many technological advancements. Today, the process of transferring money is not only fast and very efficient but also very reliable. Even better, certain peer-to-peer apps make it possible to transfer money using mobile phones. One such P2P app is Venmo.

Venmo is very popular and this is especially so in the US. This newfound fame has resulted in many users signing up or creating accounts with Venmo and this has ultimately led to many users asking questions about it. While the Venmo questions vary, many want to know if it’s possible to use Venmo outside the US. For instance, can you use Venmo in Europe?


It is not possible to use Venmo in Europe, Venmo is only available in the US and only those residing in the US can use it.

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What Is Venmo & How Does It Work?

Venmo, simply put, is a peer-to-peer payment platform that allows users to send and receive money digitally using their mobile phones. With Venmo, there is no need for carrying physical money, wallets, purses, or even credit and debit cards have given the fact that money is easily accessible through the phone. Furthermore, many businesses accept payment through Venmo.


How Venmo work is very simple, simply start the Venmo app, and if it’s sending money tap or click on the “Payment” icon (usually looks like a pen with a money symbol), in the text box that pops up enter the username of the person you want to pay or send money to and then on the next on-screen prompt enter the amount with a description of what the pay is for (the description is optional) then simply click on pay.    

Can You Open A Venmo Account In Europe?

Despite its popularity in several countries many of which are in Europe, Venmo is not accessible internationally. In other words, not everyone can actually create a Venmo account. At the moment, those who are in a position to open a Venmo account are those that are residing in the US.

To make sure that this is the case at all times, Venmo requires every user who opts to sign up for a Venmo account to provide a valid US number that can receive and send SMS. Users might as well be asked to share a document that proves they are actually 18 years or older.


Just to be clear, there is no way you can open a Venmo account if you are in Europe. Only those residing in the US can do so.

Can You Use Venmo App In Europe?

Worth pointing out when answering whether Venmo is available in Europe or not is that Venmo is currently not international. This combined with the fact that there is no way of creating a Venmo account in Europe makes using Venmo in Europe impossible.

Even if you were to have a valid Venmo account, let’s say you are a US citizen visiting Europe and have a Venmo account, you’ll still not be able to use it there given the fact that it is not supported there.   

Can I Send Money To Europe Using Venmo?

It is not possible to send money to Europe using Venmo. Again, Venmo is not international and as such sending money to any of the countries in Europe is impossible. If you are looking at doing so, you are better off going with Venmo alternatives.

One such alternative that never disappoints is PayPal. Simply create an account, top it up and send it to the person you want to in Europe. You can as well use your PayPal account while in any country in Europe.

Conclusion For “Can You Use Venmo in Europe”

Venmo, despite its popularity in just about every country in Europe, is not usable or available there. In other words, you cannot use Venmo if you are in Europe. Venmo users with accounts and are planning to visit Europe should use Venmo alternatives for them to be able to still send and receive money digitally.

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