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Welcome to MySocialGod, a place where we provide users with the best possible answers to their finance and tech-related questions. After creating MySocialGod in 2018, what started as an informational social media platform run by one person led to something tremendous.

We know there are tons of questions out there going unsolved every day.

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We want to change that.


Our team will cover payment apps such as Cash App and PayPal to Acorn and Robinhood. To provide our readers with an idea, MySocialGod plans to cover topics such as:

  • Cash App
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Acorn
  • Robinhood
  • Chime
  • and much more!

From 2018-2020, our team published over 200+ articles and over 200,000+ words of content on this site alone! If you’re wondering who they are, here’s a brief introduction:

Our Team

Andy Lam, Founder of MySocialGod

“My name is Andy, and I was born and raised in California. I grew up in the heart of Orange County. I love every part of it. From the food, nightlife to the people you meet – I’m grateful for all of this. As a kid growing up, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of digital marketing and finance. With the right intention, I believe MySocialGod has many potentials to help many more people around the world!

I remember the moment I created this website. At first, it was only a domain name. Now – it’s a website with 10,000+ monthly visitors arriving here to find answers. It was one heck of a rollercoaster ride. MySocialGod has changed my life in many ways unimaginable, and I’m grateful for having this team and supporters.”

For business inquiries (advertising space, partnerships, guest posts, etc.), contact Andy via email.

Sarah Fernsby, SEO Specialist

Sarah is an SEO Specialist for MySocialGod. With heart and dedication, she’s provided tons of value to this website by revising content and managing comments daily. After high school, Sarah attended college and studied marketing and finance.

She joined the team in January 2020 with the same purpose; helping people. Aside from business and schoolwork, she has other passions such as music and spending time with her beloved dog.

Basmala Hatab
Basmala Hatab, Developer & SEO

Basmala Hatab is a notable member of MySocialGod. In times of crisis, such as broken pages and links, we come to her for help. That’s right – she’s our healer! Basmala is Egyptian-born and grew up in Dubai. Aside from coding as her expertise, she has other passions such as music and writing.

Arnold Johnson, Writer & Research

Arnold Johnson is one of the biggest contributors at MySocialGod when it comes to content writing. With help from our SEO team, Arnold does research finding answers to many questions that could help readers throughout the internet. Without a doubt, his contribution to content has helped thousands of readers around the world. Around people, he’s known to be a generous and caring person even if you’re a stranger!

Goal For 2021


Right now, we believe MySocialGod is still in its baby phase. There are thousands (or millions) of questions out there that haven’t been answered. After our end-of-the-year (2020) team discussion, we decided to take on the challenge of publishing 500+ guides and answers.

At the moment, we have approximately 200+ pieces of content.

Current Topics and Topics in the Pipeline

Since the birth of MySocialGod, we’ve covered many topics. We will go down the list of our covered topics and topics in the pipeline.

1. Cash App

Cash App

Cash App Details

2. Venmo


Venmo Details

3. PayPal


PayPal Details

4. Zelle


Zelle Details

5. Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay Details

6. Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay Details

7. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay Details


We want to thank everyone for their support, from sharing our content to using our calculators. Every interaction on this website motivates us to continue moving forward and build MySocialGod with the right intention.